22 Most Anticipated for Fall 2022

Fall is my favorite season! We don’t normally start to see cooler weather until mid October here in South Texas, but I’m already dreaming of under 90 degree weather. I am the epitome of a mood reader, and the seasons really dictate what I feel like reading. During the summer, all I want are light romances and women’s fiction books. With the arrival of September, I crave mysteries, thrillers, horror, and magic/witchy type books. Because of this you’ll find that my Most Anticipated for fall leans more towards those genres with just a few books falling into other genres.

While September is a huge publishing month, November tends to be light on new releases, which is why you’ll see most of my Fall Most Anticipated releasing in September and October. I’ve been lucky to receive ARCs of many of these, so I’ll be posting reviews for them soon, so be sure to check back throughout the month to check those out!

For complete lists of my Most Anticipated for the fall months, make sure to sign up to receive updates, as those will be coming out in the upcoming weeks. And be sure to check out some of my previous lists.

summer 2022 Most Anticipated

Fall Most Anticipated


Contemporary & Literary Fiction

Mystery & Thriller

Historical Fiction

Fantasy & Science Fiction



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