21 Non-Fiction Book to Read During Non-Fiction November

Welcome to Non-fiction November! Is it a real thing? I have no idea but I like to think it is. For 99% of the year I’m the worst at reading non-fiction books. I read mostly as an escape from daily life. Reading is how I like to destress and some non-fiction can easily feel like…

The Babysitter

Wow! That’s what I have to say about this wonderfully written non-fiction. Part true crime and part memoir, Liza Rodman along with Jennifer Jordan, depict the events that unfurled in Cape Cod in the mid 60’s. Known as the Vampire of Cape Cod, Tony Costa was behind the murders of at least 5 women in…

Father of Lions

The Bookseller of Kabul meets The Zookeeper’s Wife: an award-winning journalist puts a human face on life under ISIS, told through the prism of the Mosul Zoo.

The 57 Bus

November is Non-Fiction November, and I’m attempting to read at least one Non-fiction book a week. My week 1 feature is The 57 Bus. A true story about two teenagers and the event that altered their lives.