October 2022 Most Anticipated

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& now back to October Most Anticipated!

How in the world do we only have three months left of 2022. October is the month that I wan all the cozy fall, witchy, and horror reads! I love having a good witchy read to curl up with while the husband watches football all weekend! So while there are a ton of books coming out in October that I’m excited about, the lack of witchy reads is making me a little sad. However, there is plenty of variety and even some holiday books coming out that I’m excited for. Which if you’re already getting into the holiday spirit, these will be perfect new releases for you.

As I always do in my ‘Most Anticipated’ write ups, I’m sharing a few that I’m most excited for first. I then separate out new releases by their release date. I don’t go into too much detail on each of the books being released, because we’d be here forever, but you can always click on the image of the book to get more info.

So let’s talk about the 8 books I’m absolutely looking forward to the most / already loved that are releasing soon!

First up is A Cosmic Kind of Love. This was just the cutest book! I binged this book and honestly I loved both our main characters. Definitely a great easy romance to get your hands on.

A Cosmic kind of love review

The Other Side of Night & The Night Ship were two of my most anticipated fall releases! I mean I loved Jess Kidd’s Thing in Jars and the premise of The Other Side of Night was incredibly intriguing. However, and it pains me to say this, both dragged for me. Maybe I’m not in the mood for slow pace stories right now, but neither of these books WOWed me.

The Night Ship REview | The OTher Side of Night Review

Station Eternity, another of my most anticipated for fall. This book was unique. I had a hard time getting into the story at first, but I think I was just not expecting it to be so sci-fi? Don’t ask me why, the majority of the story takes place in space, so how I missed that in the synopsis I will never know. Regardless, once I was able to wrap my brain around the environment, I thoroughly enjoyed this mystery. and am excited for the next book in the series.

Station Eternity Review

Sign Here is such a fun book! I really enjoyed it but it really wasn’t a ‘horror’ book at all. I think that label is just there because part of the book takes place in Hell, but it’s not scary and I’d barely consider it a thriller. It is however, a great dysfunctional family murder mystery and I really enjoyed it.

Sign here review

I was really looking forward to Malice House as I’ve been craving something spooky. It ended up being just okay for me though, which was disappointing.

Malice House Review

Next up for me to read is Hester. I’m hoping to read this week so be sure to come back for my review!

Lastly, I cannot wait to get my tiny little hands on a copy of Our Missing Hearts and The Witch and The Well! While different, they both sound right up my alley and I can’t wait for them to release.

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