November 2022 Book of the Month

Two months left in the year and Book of the Month is putting out a ton of books for November. November is the unofficially non-fiction month of the year. Maybe Non-fiction November is official, I’m not sure, but it is the month I tend to focus on reading more than just 1 non-fiction book, so I’m a little surprised not to a non-fiction pick this month.

There are 10 options to choose from this month, and while I have copies of 4 of these, I’ve only read one, and it was just okay for me. The Cloisters is going to be a great pick for any readers who love gothic and atmospheric reads, but isn’t for my plot based readers.

The Cloisters Review

Of the 10 picks this month, there are 3 repeat authors. Ya’ll know I love some good debuts, so my little heart is stoked that there are 3 debut picks this month, even though I didn’t love one of them. It also looks like some of last month’s favorites were restocked, so be sure to jump on Spells for Forgetting quickly!

If you are still looking for something to read be sure to check out some of my Most Anticipated New Releases lists. If you’re looking for add-ons to put into your boxes be sure to check out my BOTM add-on recommendations, which I update every couple of months.


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November 2022 Picks



The Cloisters Review

My Box

I currently have copies of The Cloisters, Signal Fires, and White Horse, so are skipping those this month. I also think I have a physical ARC of The Last Party somewhere in my house, so am hesitate to pick that up at the moment. I’ve read The Cloisters and it was okay. Definitely more of an atmospheric read with very little actual magic. I think comparing it to Ninth House is a mistake, but the writing is fabulous.

The Cloisters Review

I also read The Rewind and found it to be an enjoyable second chance romance with well crafted characters. I recommend if you’re looking for just a bit of 90s nostalgia.

The Rewind Review

I’m still not in the mood for heavier emotion reads right now, which is why I’m skipping Someday, Maybe. I have a BOTM copy of the Legendborn, so decided to grap the second in the sereies, Bloodmarked. I also really enjoy Ruth Emmie Lang’s writting, so adding The Wilderwomen was a no brainer for me. Lastly, I went back and forth on We are the Light but decided to add it on. I loved Silver Linings Playbook and I’m hoping that this one is just as well written. My biggest reason for potentially not adding it, is that it’s say to be a heavy read, with much of the focus being post a school shooting. This could be a huge trigger for many readers right now, and I’m not entirely sure I’m up to such a heavy and grief filled book. It does seem to have a bit of magical realism involved in the story though, and other readers have said it focuses alot on how we process grief and how we can love and care for others.

That’s what’s in my box this month! Did we pick any of the same books this month? Let me know in the comments below or over on my Instagram HERE.


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