24 Most Anticipated New Releases for Winter 2024

We’re finally getting some cooler weather, which means it’s time for ALL the HOLIDAY READS! I am definitely a person who thinks that my turkey tastes the same with the Christmas tree up, but my husband won’t let us put decorations up till this week. So, I’m occupying my time by not just reading holiday reads but narrowing down my Most Anticipated new releases coming out in the next few months.

Since we’re in the last two months of 2023, I’m taking a look ahead at what 2024 has to offer! I can’t tell you how many great books are coming up for release and I have an iPad stocked with winter releases. Picking only 24 books to highlight was rough but I managed it. If you take a look at this list, you can probably tell what genre I’ve been in the mood for lately. I’ve been craving all the mystery/thriller and fantasy/romanasty reads lately, and this list really reflects that. Unlike previous editions of My Most Anticipated, this one isn’t broken down by genre, since so many fall into the same genres. They are also not listed in any particular order. Within the list, you’ll find quite a few new installments for a few of my favorite series and some of my favorite authors listed. Looking at you Sarah J. Maas and Kristin Hannah.

I will be linking my full reviews for the ones I read, as I have the majority of these waiting to be read on my Ipad. I will also be sharing my December Most Anticipated, January Most Anticipated and a February Most Anticipated Lists which will have all of the books I’m looking forward to in the coming months. Be sure to follow my blog for weekly updates and to get notified when those new lists drop! Now keep scrolling to see which books should be on your radar heading into the new year.

For complete lists of my Most Anticipated for the winter months, make sure to sign up to receive updates, as those will be out in the upcoming weeks. And be sure to check out some of my previous lists if you want something to read that’s out now.


Winter 2024 Most Anticipated

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These are just some of the many books I’m looking forward to in the next few months and in 2024 in general. Are any of these on your list? What others are you looking forward to this winter? Feel free to DM me on Instagram @speakingof.books , Tiktok @speakingof.books or comment below!

Happy Reading!


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