Portrait of a Scotsman


I adore this series. It’s educational, charming, spicy, and filled with independent women during a time when women were seen as property. I’ve loved all our couples (Lucie and Tristan, Annabell and Sebastian) and I have loved Hattie’s character since Bringing Down the Duke, so I was extra thrilled to finally get a love story for her.

When Hattie is found in a compromising position with the financier Lucian Blackstone, she’s forced to wed for something other than love. As they journey to Scotland to deal with his business, Hattie begins to discover there is more beneath Blackstone’s murky façade.

This is my least favorite book in the League of Extraordinary Women. While I did enjoy Lucian’s character, based on Hattie’s character alone this would be a three-star read. She is the most annoying character I have read in a long time. I found her to be completely awful throughout most of the story and seriously could she have been any brattier?! Her repetitive and self-absorption detracted from the story for me and ultimately made it hard to enjoy.

While there is plenty of steam, the pacing of the story and the chemistry between our leads were also off for me. While I will certainly read the next book in the series, I’d almost recommend skipping this one in the series.

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