Well Played


I really enjoyed Well Met and of course ran right to the library to pick up Well Played once I finished it. I also really enjoyed getting to know Emily and was excited to see that this book followed her fellow tavern wench, Stacey.

Picking up right after the end of Well Met, Stacey though thrilled for Simon and Emily’s engagement is left wondering where her life is going. After her summer fling with one of the Renaissance performers, Dax, she’s left even lonely and confused than before. After one too many drinks, she decides to message. Dax and confesses that she actually misses him. When Dax response, the two start up a year-long correspondence, which leads Stacy to fall head over hills. But when she learns she’s been catfished, she begins doubting everything in her life, especially her emotions.

I really liked Stacey in the first book. I thought she was such a fun supporting character, but I just couldn’t connect with her once she was our leading lady. Stacey has tons of insecurities which she’s grappling with, but I felt she spent a little too much time rehashing what those were. We spent quite a bit of time on the correspondence plot, and while I get that it was the central storyline, it dragged a bit for me. After all the buildup of the catfish being revealed, I didn’t like that Stacey (ever the people pleaser) was the one who ended up making the big romantic gesture.

Overall, this one was just okay. It’s cute enough that I’m going to read to the second book I enjoyed the first book so much more.

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