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Mitch’s cousin Lousia, a high-powered attorney, has had enough. After getting passed up for the latest partner position at her law firm, she quits her job. And what better place to spontaneously quit your job than at the local Renaissance faire, where you happened to know some people. When Stacey and The Dueling Kilts invite Louisa along to travel with them for the summer, Lousia decides that for once she’s going to do something wild. Lousia knows that the lead singer of The Dueling Kilts, Dex MacLean is bad news. As she tags along with the group, she begins to see a whole now side of Dex, a side that Dex himself may not even be aware of.

I think I just love the Malone family the most. First Mitch, now Lousia (Lulu), they are just the best characters. While Mitch was all sunshine, Lulu is a woman with plan. She’s spent her life climbing the corporate ladder, and it made me giddy to see her just straight up quit. I loved her strong personality, and the way DeLuca made her fit right into the Faire scene was my favorite part. But for being a thirty-year-old women, she didn’t seem very emotionally mature.

I’ll admit, I thought Dex would have more bad boy traits than he actually did. Which I suppose made me like him just a bit more, however I still feel as if we don’t actually know Dex. I could have used more insight into his perspective, and while we come to find out how much he’ll do for family, he just didn’t seem realistic.

The romance between Dex and Lulu also wasn’t as magnetic as Mitch/April’s, or Emily/Simon’s from books 1 & 3. I felt there was quite a bit of build up without a ton of payoff and the magic just wasn’t.

Overall, I enjoyed the newest installment in the Well Met series and if another comes out, I’ll definitely be picking it up. However, Well Met and Well Matched are still my favorite of the series.

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Well Traveled is out now. Huge thank you to Berkley Books for my ARC in exchange for my honest opinion.  If you liked this review please let me know either by commenting below or by visiting my Instagram @speakingof.books.


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