Well Matched


Book 3 in the Well Met series and I almost enjoyed this one as much as the first book! I was nervous to start this one, since I just didn’t enjoy Stacey and Daniel’s love story as much as I liked Emily’s and Simon’s. But decided to give this one a shot and I’m so glad I did.

April Parker, is finally getting out of small-town Willow Creek. After settling in the town twelve years ago, her daughter is finally getting ready to leave for college, leaving April an empty nester. All she has to do it get her house ready to sell. When the school’s gym teacher, Mitch Malone, offers to help April fix up the house the only thing he asks for in return is to be his fake girlfriend for a single-family event. Between weekend house projects and getting the lowdown on the Malone family, April and Mitch’s friendship starts to bloom. Intend on leaving though, the last thing April wants to happen is to develop more than just friendly feeling towards one of Willow Creek’s most eligible bachelors.

First and foremost, Mitch Malone is the absolute best character! He is such a fun character with a surprising level of depth. I love the way he was portrayed, and he really stole the story in my opinion. April on the other hand is a bit of a Debbie down, and while I thought the chemistry between the two was perfect, without Mitch I would not have enjoyed this story as much.

I definitely enjoyed this one more than Well Played, so if you’re on the fence of picking this one up, know that it’s worth it. If you like men in kilts, fake dating tropes, and need a fun romance, I highly recommend this one.

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