June 2022 | Book of the Month Predictions

I’m late on my predictions this month. Between work and having a 3 month old, time just flies by. My predictions for this month will be more around what I’m thinking add-ons will be, as I’ve already been able to confirm what 5 of June’s main picks will be. I’ll share those below, so far warning if you enjoy being surprised.

Don’t continue reading if you want to still be surprised once books drop!

June is super heavy on releases at the beginning of the month, with a number of debut and some from previous BOTM. I’m hoping that there are a few debuts popping up in our add-ons, instead of from previous BOTM authors.

Whether or not my predictions are actually picks, only time will tell. Even if they are not, all or most of these are on my June Most Anticipated New Releases list and my Summer 2022 Most Anticipated List.

June 2022 Most Anticipated

When the picks are announced and you find you have space in your box still, make sure to also check out my most recent version of BOTM Add-On recommendations HERE, because who couldn’t use even more books!

Keep in mind that these are simply predictions and books I hope get chosen. I could get these completely wrong but the anticipation and guessing is part of the fun right?!


Mystery & Thrillers

Both of these are confirmed mystery/thriller picks for June. I love Jennifer Hillier, and I’m actually super surprised to see Hillier as a pick because she’s such an established author but I do love her books. Things We Do in the Dark was another excellent read from Hillier and fans of hers will not be disappointed.


The Lies I Tell is a repeat author pick. Julie Clark’s The Last Flight was a pick 2 years ago, I think. I really enjoyed it and while I know some people are saying it shouldn’t be a mystery/thriller, I disagree. See my full review below:

The Lies I Tell | REVIEW

Literary & Contemporary Fiction

There wasn’t a confirmed Literary or Contemporary Fiction as a main pick, that I know of so far. But I think both of these would make excellent add-on or additional main picks. Dele Weds Destiny is a debut and while I have a copy, I have not read it yet.

Girls They Write Songs About just sounds very Book of the Monthish to me. Seems like it would be a good fit.


Historical Fiction

The only confirmed pick I don’t have a copy of so far is Woman of Light. It sounds amazing, but I have quite a few heavier reads to get to and this is not crazy high up my list.

I’m also hoping to see the debut Last Summer on State Street as an add-on pick. Toya Wolfe’s writing is being compared to Brit Bennett, who is a two time BOTM author, so I could definitely see this one as a BOTM pick.



This is the confirmed romance pick and I did finish my ARC of it. I’m iffy on it.. I was hoping for something hilarious and while there are some ‘funny’ parts so far, it’s not ‘laugh out loud funny’ to me. Check out my full review below, but honestly it was a chore to get through.

The Lifestyle | REVIEW


I’m always iffy to pick up a series from BOTM. I like my series to match and BOTM doesn’t always offer the sequels. But it’s inspired by One Thousand and One Nights and I’m enjoying it so far. Come back soon for my review.



I haven’t read this yet but it’s high on my TBR. It’s the true story of the Dozier Boys School which is what The Nickleboys by Colson Whitehead, is based on. This is such a heartbreaking story and I’m interested how this one will compare.


Other New Releases from Previous BOTM Authors

I’ve been slowly liking Riley Sager’s books less and less. I decided to give his upcoming release a chance while I was at the lake last week and it was very Meh. Hoping it’s not a add-on pick.

The House Across the Lake | REVIEW

Both Elin Hilderbrand and Therese Anne Fowler have books coming out in June. They might be add-ons but I’m hoping for some more debuts instead.


I hope you found a book that you are truly excited about in this post. Let me know which other new releases you are excited for this month or that you’re hoping are BOTM picks, by commenting below or by messaging me on Instagram @speakingof_books. Don’t forget to follow me to get weekly updates and new reviews!

Happy Reading!

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