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While summer doesn’t officially start until June 21st, summer break is upon us as we enter June Not that that matters when you’re an adult, but it does mean beach trips, lake trips, pool days, and sunny days are about to fill everyone’s time. I’ll be the first to admit to being a mood reader to the extreme, and all the sunny weather and lounging by bodies of water make me crave romance reads, fast mysteries, and a book that can make me laugh. June is heavy on new releases earlier on in the month, which is great for planning out what you want to read this summer. And there are quite a few books coming out in June that fall perfectly into my ‘summer’ reading mood.

I have a number of Advanced Reader Copies (ARCs) of the below books but with a 3 month old I’ve gotten embarrassingly behind on my reviews. A couple to highlight though:

The Drowning Sea is the third installment of the Maggic D’arcy Detective series. I need to write my review for this one but if you enjoy solid detective mysteries than you’ll want to be sure to put this series on your TBR.

We Carry Their Bones is the rare non-fiction you’ll find on my lists. But it’s the true story of the Dozier School, which is what Colson Whitehead based his The Nickel Boys . It’s a powerful historical fiction read, that everyone should pick up, but I’m interested to read more on the history of the school and how such brutalities were allowed to happen even up to the 21st century.

The House Across the Lake is Sager’s newest release and it’s fine. It’s nothing great and reminds me why I decided not to read Survive the Night Last Year. Full review below if you’re interested.

the house across the lake | Review

Currently, I’m reading The Women in the Library, The Seaplane on Final Approach, and Nora Goes Off Script. Don’t ask me why I’m reading so many books right now but be sure to come back to check out my reviews soon.

As always, I’ve provided links for each of the books below. If something catches your attention be sure to click the image for more information and the synopsis. These are just some of the upcoming June releases that I’m excited for. If you keep scrolling there are so many other amazing books coming out soon. Be sure to subscribe to get weekly updates from SPEAKING OF…, and make sure to follow us on Instagram @speakingof_books for reviews of all books I’m reading and other recommendation lists!

If you’re looking for something in particular to read, feel free to comment below or DM me on Instagram @speakingof_books , and I’d be happy to help out!


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