Top 10 reads of 2021

As the last day of the year comes to a close, it’s time to share my favorite reads of 2021. I read a ton of books this year, 137 to be exact. Even having surpassed my reading goal of 125, it was still an interesting reading year for me with quite a few ‘reading slump’ periods filtered into the mix. We had a very big year, with a new house, moving, preparing for a new baby, juggling work, and attempting to get back into society. All of these left me exhausted at certain points in the year and all I wanted to do was nap and binge watch tv.

Because of all these factors, I didn’t feel quite as attached to stories as I normally feel. So this year’s top 10 was tough for me to put together. These are the books that spoke to me the most this year by either getting me out of a ‘reading slump’, making me laugh, or just being entertaining enough for me to binge.

I have full reviews for most of these, and I’ll link to them, but I highly recommend checking these books out!

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Top 10 reads of 2021

Finlay Donovan is Killing It

This book has been all over social media and for a good reason. It’s completely ridiculous, over the top, dramatic, and such a fun read. It made me laugh out of loud and if you are looking for something fun that suspense believe just a bit, this is the perfect read for you. This is the first in a series and I was actually lucky to get an advanced copy of book #2. Check out my reviews for both!

Review: Finlay donovan is killing it
Review: Finlay Donovan Knocks em’ Dead

House of Hollow

Though it’s not based on a true fairytale that I know of, this book gave me all the dark, Grimm Fairytale vibes. It’s a Young Adult read but it reads great for an older audience as well. I would say this is more intended for High School or College YA readers than anything younger. I was completely captivated by the story line and the horror was just enough for me.

Review: House of Hollow

We Are the Brennans

I am very picky on my family saga and drama reads so they don’t tend to be my favorite. However, We are the Brennans was excellent. I really enjoyed the writing and the way the chapters faded into each other. This one is fairly short and will have you missing the Brennan family.

Review : We are the brennans

These Silent Woods

These Silent Woods was nothing like I was expecting. It’s more a slow burn mystery than a thriller. Whatever you do don’t go in thinking this is a thriller, it’s not, at least in my opinion. It’s a fabulous story about battling your inner demons and also the bond between fathers and daughters.

Review: These Silent Woods

Deep into the Dark

Another first in a series, this time it’s The Detective Margaret Nolan series. If you have been following me on Instagram or here, than you will know that solid police mysteries and detective stories are my bread and butter. While a little on the grittier side, this series is a great detective series to dive into. I was also able to get an advanced copy of book #2, and while I enjoyed the first installment best Desolation Canyon (book #2) is still a solid read.

Review: Deep into the Dark
Review: Desolation Canyon

What Comes After

Another book being sold as a thriller, that is most certainly not a thriller. This is 100% a contemporary mystery, that dives deep into grief and the effects of tragedies on a small town. It’s a debut and is wonderfully written. It’s not for everyone but I adored it.

Review: What Comes After

Razorblade Tears

A gripping and gritty story of a father’s love. This one reads like a blockbuster crime drama, and I hope it one day gets picked up for film. It’s a much deeper read than you would expected but Cosby does a wonderful job of throwing you into the story and completely immersing you.

Review: Razorblade Tears

The Charley Davidson Series

Darynda Jones is quickly becoming a go to author for me when I’m in a reading slump. Last year her A Bad Day for Sunshine was one of my favorites of 2020. This year I stumbled upon The Charlie Davidson series, when I hadn’t picked up a book in 3 weeks due to some serious morning sickness. They sucked me right in and I ended up binging all 13 books in about 2 weeks. This paranormal, romantic, funny, and suspenseful series is fantastic!

The Book of Accidents

Chuck Wendig is another author that’s becoming a ‘go-to’ for me. His book The Wanderers was a top pick for me back in 2019 and I really enjoyed his newest release The Book of Accidents this year. It’s a really good mixture of horror, suspense, and a bit of sci-fi/fantasy. Be warned it’s a big book sitting at over 500 pages, but it’s well worth it. It’s also


Pack up the Moon

If you need a good tear jerker, than just pick up this book. I’m not a crier but this one got me. I loved it.

Review: Pack up the Moon

Honorable Mentioned: The Wheel of Time Series


I’m including the entire Wheel of Time series because I have spent hundreds of hours listening and reading books 3 through 10 this year. I’m hooked on the series and am so excited for the show this year. These are great on audio and Rosamund Pike is narrating some of the earliest books now.

These are my top 10 reads of 2021!

Did we have any of the same favorites? Let me know by commenting below or by heading to my Instagram.

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