House of Hollow

House of Hollow is one of those books that once it sinks it’s teeth in you, you cannot stop reading. Which is exactly how I came to binge this book in an afternoon when I should have been doing far more productive things.

This is also one of those books that makes me question the label ‘YA’. What parameters does a book need in order to be classified as a Young Adult book, because while this does follow 17 year old Iris Hollow, it’s dark and twisted enough for even some adults to shudder at.

This modern day Grimm’s fairly tale is both fascinating and haunting. The sinister atmosphere that Sutherland has engrained into the story, really reached out and holds you in it’s embrace throughout the entirety of the story. I for one could not put this book down once I got into it. Unlike some horror books that relay entirely on an atmospheric presence in the book to keep you sufficiently creeped out, Sutherland instead lures you in with a mystery. When combined with her excellent writing and vivid imaginary, this book has zero problems hold your attention.

Without getting to much into the plot, because I would hate to ruin the story, this book relies heavily on Grimm fairytales and folklore about missing children. Ten years ago Iris and her two sisters disappear completely without a trace. A month later they return, with zero recollection of where they were. They come back physically changed, their eyes are now black and their hair turns while. They also have a scar on their chest that could easily signify violence. When the oldest sister, Grey, goes missing again. Iris is determined to get her back. But in order to find Grey, Iris is going to have to start remembering what happened to her and her sisters a decade ago.

Rich in detail, I don’t recommend eating while reading this story. Sutherland has done a phenomenal job of making this story jump out of the pages. She also does an excellent job of capturing of proving just enough suspense to keep the reader on their toes. I highly recommend this book especially if you are a fan of Rory Powers, dark fairytales, or even Alice in Wonderland.


House of Hollow comes out April 6, 2021.  Huge thank you to Penguin Random House for my advanced copy in exchange for my honest opinion.  If you liked this review please let me know either by commenting below or by visiting my instagram @speakingof_books.


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