Pack up the Moon


Welp, this book wrecked me. The synopsis should really include a warning to the effect of,

“Will make you cry the entire time but also won’t let you put the book down”

Lauren and Josh have the perfect life. Both are thriving professionally and their love for each other is the stuff of fairy tales. But Lauren is dying, and fighting against a terminal disease. Her dying is inevitable, and in an effort to make sure her on the spectrum husband doesn’t revert to his hermit ways, she decides to help more past her death. Each month Lauren has a letter delivered with a taste for him to complete. These letters will help guide Josh through his first year without Lauren with the hopes of mending his broken heart and showing him that it’s okay for him to move on.

Told from both Lauren and Josh’s perspectives this story literally broke my heart in half. Most stories like this I feel are told from the women’s perspective, and I liked how Higgins was able to show the male side of grief. The story line is a bit non-linear, but to me added a tone to the story itself. While Josh’s timeline start from the day Lauren dies and moves forward as we read, Lauren’s timelines starts on the day of her death but moves backwards as we read. I thought the story line written this way was fantastic.

The only negative thing about this story is that it’s a bit long. I think it really felt even longer because it was so emotionally draining. It took me quite a few days to read just because I needed a few days away from the story. Otherwise, this is a completely fabulous story that not only portrays the different stages of grief but also adds in a bit of humor (tastefully) into the story. I personally felt that while this is indeed a heart wrenching story, it is also a story of hope and optimism. .

Higgins has crafted an excellent story of love and while it’s incredibily sad it’s a book I’d highly recommend. Next time you need a good cry, make sure to pick this book up!


Pack up the Moon is out now.  Huge thank you to Berkley for my advanced copy for my honest review. If you liked this review please let me know either by commenting below or by visiting my Instagram @speakingof_books.


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