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I started my blog 3 years ago as a way to practice my writing and to also just get the many thoughts floating around in my head on paper. While I love that people read my blog now, my original intent was to clear my mind of clutter. Getting my thoughts down on ‘paper’ has really helped me to focus more and for once get a little peace and quiet in this brain of mine.

Over the past few years though, I’ve had the pleasure to connect with lots of other bloggers and the main thing I’ve learned is that bloggers put a ton of their time and soul into their website. It’s one thing to post pretty pictures on social media but it’s another beast entirely to run a blog. The upkeep on the website, the cost of domains, thinking of topics, having the time to write it all down, proofread, and in the case of book bloggers actually reading the books, takes work! Bloggers don’t get the recognition they receive and I’m doing something about that. I’m working to get these handworkers a little more recognition, with my newest series!

Welcome to my ‘Meet the Blogger’ series. Each month I’ll be featuring a different blogger and get their take on the blogging world. I’ll be showcasing some of their work and just trying to bring awareness to their little space of the internet. If you’re interested in being featured please reach out to me on instagram @speakingof_books.

Meet Jordan from Read With Wine!

Meet Aussie, Jordan Garafola, she’s the wine drinker and book lover behind Read with Wine ( & @readwithwine). Currently living in San Antonio, Texas with her two pups and husband, Jordan has quickly become one of my very close friends. It helps that she lives 10 mins from me, shares a love of fitness, Alice in Wonderland, books, pups, and wine with me as well!

Originally Jordan started her blog as a lifestyle blog over two years ago, but lacking consistent content ideas, she gradually transferred the blog to be a full time book blogging site. She’s posts a ton of reviews and Booksta 101 guides for new bookstagrammers looking to dive into the social media world of books. Her biggest advice to new bloggers is to write what you want to write and to do it your way.

Don’t do what you *think* will be popular or trendy. Do what you genuinely enjoy- you spend the most time looking at your blog than anyone else, so you need to love it.

Jordan Garafola

While Jordan’s dreams of being a best-selling author, her biggest passion in life is to help people. Back in Australia she worked with domestic violence victims, and provides a ton of insight into DV when writing book reviews and during our book chats.

Jordan currently co-hosts the Let’s Read Rant Repeat Bookclub (@letsreadrantrepeat) with me on the third Sunday of every month! Make sure to join us, we’ll bring the discussion, you bring the wine!

Outside of reading and blogger, Jordan is a huge nerd! Her words, not mine, well maybe a little bit of mine but she owns it. She meet her husband by playing a video game and they enjoy tabletop games, including the ones you need to paint the characters before you play. Make sure to check out Jordan’s content at HERE! You can also connect with here on social media:

Instagram: readwithwine

Goodreads: @readwithwine

Twitter: @readwithwine

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      I cant wait for the rest of them too!

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