Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month

Latinx Heritage Month, also know as Hispanic Heritage month is celebrated annually from September 15th- October 15th. What started as a week long commemorative week to recongnize the history, culture, and contributions of people from Spain, Mexico, Central and South America, and the Caribbean, is now a month long celebration.

Starting in 1968, National Hispanic Heritage Month traditionally honors the cultures and contributions of both Hispanic and Latino Americans as we celebrate heritage rooted in all Latin American countries. The term Hispanic refers to a person who is from, or a descendant of someone who is from, a Spanish-speaking country, while Latino/a or Latinx refers to a person who is from, or a descendant of someone who is from, a country in Latin America. Over the past few years, this month long celebration has been migrated to a celebration of Latinx cultures instead of simply from Spanish speaking cultures. This expansion brings countries like Brazil into the mix, which due to their main language being Portuguese, would not originally been included in Hispanic Heritage. Using the term Latinx is the most inclusive form since it is a gender-neutral term.

Latinx Recommendations

If you’re looking to add some books by Latinx authors into your reading for the next few weeks, give one of these books a try. Also be sure to check back in, here at speakingof.org, beacuse I’ll be sharing full reviews of more Latinx authors in the coming weeks.

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