The Monsters We Make

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I was really excited about this book coming out. It was on one of my ‘Most Antcipated New Release’ posts, and I did not let me down. This is a somewhat gritty thriller/mystery, that really dives deep into the human mind and prompts the reader to really think about ‘how do we protect ourselves from monsters’. One of my favorite parts of the book was talking about how we characterize ‘monsters’ to be ugly and mystical, so that we don’t have to deal with thinking that every average Joe, we meet at the grocery store is out to get us. It’s a protection tactic, but it often leads us blind to what true monsters look like, which is that they look the same as us.

This book is based on the real-life Des Moines Register paperboy kidnappings which happened in the early 1980s when the author was a young girl. Those kidnappings led her to think “Someone out there is stealing children.” Which is a scary thought, especially in a town where ‘things like this just don’t happen.’

The book is told through alternative perspective of three characters within the book. Sammy and Crystal Cox, a 11 year old paperboy and his 18 year old sister who dreams of becoming an investigative journalist; and Detective Dale Goodkind who has to face his own past and demons to find out what happened to the boys. The characters within this book are so well crafted and have a lot more depth than many thrillers incorporate. Each has to come to terms with their fears, thoughts, and the weight of these things. Each of their perspectives is unique and makes the reader extremely invested in their struggles. I really enjoyed the way they were woven together to tell the story.

There is alot of items that could triggering for some readers. This books deals a lot with missing children, child abuse, and mental struggles. And while this book is heavier than alot of other thrillers, it’s written wonderfully and tactfully. I highly recommend this book to anyone who loves a good mystery.

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  1. CLS says:

    Sounds like an exciting book to read. I’ve added it to my reading list.
    Thanks for the preview.

    1. Allison Speakmon says:

      Ill let you borrow it!

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