Road Out of Winter

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Do I have a bias for automatically liking authors that use the name Allison as a main character? Yes. Do I also have a bias to auto like an author with the name of Allison? Also yes. She may be missing an ‘L’ but us Allison’s need to stick together!

Oh right, you came here for a book review, so let’s get to that.

Road Out of Winter is a dystopian book, that reminds me a lot of The Day After Tomorrow mixed with Station Eleven. It’s a totally different story but the idea that the world has grown cold and winter never leaves is similar and I just think of the amount of snow NYC got in that movie. This book follows Wylodine (Wil), who has been left behind in a small town by her mother and step-father. After the first year of no Spring, Summer, or Fall, only Winter, they packed up and headed to California to try their luck. Leaving Wil behind to tend to the marijuana farm and keeping the house and land safe. It’s the second year of winter, when her small Appalachian town finally succumbs to the cold and panic sets in. Thankfully Wil is smart and has a rare talent to grow plants, as long as she can find a greenhouse or keep her grow lights safe.

When Wil finally decides to head to California, after her mother, she ends up on a journey with a ragtag group of strangers that end up becoming her family. While on the road, they encounter different groups of people, each as different as the next, just trying to survive in their new normal.

I’ll be honest, I didn’t like Station Eleven. I need more from the story but Road Out of Winter, gave me the exact amount of action and heart pounding drama to really move the story at a fast pace. I really enjoyed the characters, especially Wil and they different versions of survival people develop for themselves.

Dystopian books are generally entertaining for me. I enjoy the thoughtfulness and creativity that goes into creating a whole new normal. They’re a little hard for me to read right now though, because with 2020 they’re hitting a little to close to home. I’m honestly glad I didn’t read The Wanderers this year, which is an excellent book that you should totally pick up, but maybe wait until COVID is under control. Regardless, the grittiness and pure realism this story presents is amazing!

I highly recommend this book to anyone who loves a fast-paced story, or anyone who loves a good dystopian book that is more grounded in reality than something like The Hunger Games. Also, this was the perfect read for a South Texan girl in the dead middle of summer, who wishes it wasn’t 102 outside. This book comes out Tuesday September 1st, make sure to put it on your list! Get it HERE!

I hope you enjoyed my thoughts on Road Out of Winter. If you liked this review please let me know either by commenting below or by visiting my instagram @speakingof_books. Huge Thank you to MIRA Books for my advanced copy.

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