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I had no idea that this was a spin-off series from the Iron Druid Chronicles until after I started researching the book a little more. After reading this book, I think I’ll have to invest some time into the Iron Druid Chronicles after this one.

This is a really fun magical book that has a ton of action and witty characters. I really enjoyed the vast personality that Hearne created within this book. I also completely loved the alcoholic beverages I learned about. I mean I did not know Scotland produced a lot of Gin. Thankfully I had a Scotch from the Highlands to sip on while reading this, that one of my good friends picked up for me last year.

Ink & Sigil, follows Al MacBharrais, one of only five Sigil Agents in the human world. With a amazing white moustache and a preference for great spirits, he’s in charge of making sure non-humans don’t make a mess of the human world. He uses his ‘magic’ skills or Sigils to give him enough power to fight against Faes who would otherwise wreck havoc. One caveat is that Al has been cursed where anyone who hears him talking ends up hating him. He needs to figure out how to reverse the curse but until then he uses a speech app to talk safely.

Because of this curse, Al has just lost his seventh apprentice Gordie. After his death, Al uncovers Gordie’s double life, of capturing Fae and selling them to an unknown source. In the process Al befriends a pink hobglobin and hilarity ensures.

It was a little difficult to get use to the Scottish dialogue but once I got into the flow, the language fit perfectly with the story.

This book is extremely imaginative and filled with adventure. I was really hoping to see when the second book was coming out but I couldn’t even find a tentative date for it, which is super sad. I super enjoyed this book! The cover is gorgeous, the book is fun, and

It’s unique, moving and enjoyable reading with so many eccentric characters and I always admire Kevin Hearne’s imagination to open us new and dazzling universes’ doors and enjoy our adventurous ride with him!

I had some hard time to decipher the dialogues between Scottish men so it slowed down my pace just a little bit to search for true meanings of their words but overall it was remarkably interesting and intriguing brand new series and I’m in to read more! This book is out today, get it HERE!

I hope you enjoyed my thoughts on Ink & Sigil. If you liked this review please let me know either by commenting below or by visiting my instagram @speakingof_books. Huge thank you to Del Rey Books for my advanced copy.

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