The Hookup Plan

‘The Boyfriend project’ started as the result of Craig trying to date three women at once. While that would normally be the end of story, in this case it brought our 3 heroines together. Fate decided that London, Taylor, and Samiah needed each other, and now they’re the best of friends. We’ve already had Samiah and Taylor’s story, so now London is our third & finale female character of the trio out to find love, and honestly I was most excited to hear her story!

London is an overachieving, successful pediatric surgeon. She loves her job but besides the once weekly meet up with Taylor and Samiah, her social life is in tatters. With her hospital on the verge of being sold, her stress levels are through the roof. The key to relax, per Taylor and Samiah, is to get laid! When she hooks up with her high school rival, Drew Sullivan, at their reunion, London thinks it’s the perfect one night stand to get her back in the game. Except, Drew’s company happens to be auditing her hospital, which means her one night stand didn’t exactly pan out the way she planned. Now London will need to get past her rivalry and try to work with Drew to save her hospital.

Things I love about this book: Set in Texas, strong female characters, and witty banter. While there isn’t a ton of steam in this book, the chemistry between Drew and London was fabulous. They both had well developed personalities with plenty of depth, making them likable and realistic. This is a great enemies to lovers story, and if you’re looking for a fun series, this one is for you!


The Hookup Plan comes out August 2nd! Huge thank you to Forever for my advanced copy in exchange for my honest opinion.  If you liked this review please let me know either by commenting below or by visiting my instagram @speakingof_books.

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