April 2022 Most Anticipated

April is coming fast! I’ve spent two months on maternity leave, and while I haven’t gotten a ton of reading in, I’ve still managed to read a few books. I head back to work in April, meaning my reading time is going to once again be suffering. Which is why I’m trying to get through as many of these upcoming April releases as possible this month. So far, I’ve read one of my top 5 most anticipated and it was excellent.

Lessons in Chemistry is a powerful historical fiction debut, that explores what it meant to disregard society’s expectations of a women in the work place during the middle 1900’s. With a little bit of humor and some great characters, I highly recommend this read.

Lessons in Chemistry | REVIEW

I’ve loved previous novels from both Rory Powers and Emily St. John Mandel, and was very excited for both. I haven’t gotten my hands on Sea of Tranquility yet, but I did start to dive into In a Garden Burning Gold. So far, I’m pretty lost in the book and had to take a break from it. I might just be sleep deprived and my brain may not be functioning fully, which may be why I’m confused with the characters and what is happen so far. I’m setting it down for now, but will retry it later this month.

To Marry and to Meddle is the third in the Regency Vows series. These are perfect for fans of Bridgeton and Evie Dunmore’s League of Extraordinary Women series.

To Have and to Hoax | Regency Vows #1 | Review

Lastly, Hotel Magnifique is said to be for fans of Caraval (which I adored a few years back). I will hopefully have a review for this one up next week!

As always, I’ve provided links for each of the books below. If something catches your attention be sure to click the image for more information and the synopsis. Not only do there seem to be a decent number of debuts I’m excited for in April hitting shelves, but there are a couple big name authors such as Sally Hepworth, Abby Jimenez, and Jennifer McMahon with new releases coming. So pull up those TBR’s and get ready to add all the books!

These are just some of the upcoming April releases that I’m excited for. If you keep scrolling there are so many other amazing books coming out soon. Be sure to subscribe to get weekly updates from SPEAKING OF…, and make sure to follow us on Instagram @speakingof_books for reviews of all books I’m reading and other recommendation lists!

If you’re looking for something in particular to read, feel free to comment below or DM me on Instagram @speakingof_books , and I’d be happy to help out!


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