Reckless Girls


Ever since her mom passed away Lux’s life has been in limbo. She’s moved to Hawaii with Nico, her boyfriend with promises of sailing the open seas to anywhere their heart desired. Except they haven’t exactly been sailing, and instead she’s stuck on the island with what feels like no way out. That is until Nico meetings Brittany and Amma, who offer to pay him $50,000 to sail them to a deserted island and join them on their two week long off-grid vacation. Of course him and Lux jump at the chance to bankroll their sailing adventures, and who wouldn’t want two weeks free to do anything. Only problem is that another boat has beaten them to Meroe Island, and it might not be quite the paradise they were all expecting.

There are quite a few POVs and jumping timelines in this book and Hawkins does put the majority of the focus on the female characters, which makes sense once you go through the story. Realistically though, the glimpses into the past didn’t make a ton of sense to me as you were reading the book and for 90% of the book I could have done without them. Lux was probably my favorite character to learn about and she certainly is positioned to be our main focus. While Hawkins does a great job of developing the characters and giving them back stories, I didn’t connect with any of the characters, and maybe I’m just getting old but they make such dumb mistakes and I had a few eye roll moments. I mean what do you expect when the title of the book is ‘Reckless Girls’? Next thing ya’ll know I’ll be yelling for the kids to stay off my yard.

This is a fun thriller and was one of my most anticipated for January 2022. I will say that I rounded up to ★★★★ from 3.5 because it was such a fast read. However, it’s not going to make any ‘Best of’ lists for me, as I found it to be a bit forgettable after finishing. Don’t get me wrong, it was a fun read, but it’s not one that sticks with you especially if you read tons of thrillers. Bonus points though for it having an interesting twist and it being such a fast read.


Reckless Girls comes out January 4, 2022. Huge thank you to St. Martin’s Press for my advanced copy, in exchange for my honest opinion. If you liked this review please let me know either by commenting below or by visiting my Instagram @speakingof_books.


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