December 2021 Book of the Month

The final month of 2021 has started. I’ve said this before, but this year has flown by, especially the second half of the year.

December is always such a toss up when it comes to BOTM picks. December is a fairly light publishing month due to the holidays and so we tend to see some very interesting choices show up in our 5 main picks. This month we have 2 early releases, 3 debuts, 2 already released books, and of course a holiday pick!

Though this wasn’t my favorite month of picks, I did use my boxes this month to pick out a few Christmas presents. I also picked up a backlist book I’ve been looking at. Keep reading to see what this month’s picks are and what I picked.


December Book of the Month Picks



My Picks

Reminder that you can add an extra BOTY pick to your box for free if you are a BFF this month. Check out my break down of the BOTY finalists if you’re having trouble picking you free book.

BoTM | Book of the year 2021

Out of this month’s top five picks, I had a few copies already. Sometimes, if I’ve read the book already and loved it, I’ll opt in to getting a BOTM edition for my shelves, but that wasn’t the case this month with A History of Wild Places. I liked the book enough, but it wasn’t something I’ll reread again, and I felt a little disappointed with the ending.

A History of WIld Places |REVIEW

I added all four of the other picks to my two boxes. I’m always going to put the holiday pick into my December box and I’ve heard The Holiday Swap is super cute. It doesn’t have super high ratings on Goodreads but I read holiday romances, the same way I watch Hallmark movies. With low expectation and as long as it keeps me turning pages, I’m here for it.

Somebody’s Daughter was actually a book I wanted to pick up this summer. It’s a memoir so a little outside my normal genre, but it has excellent reviews. So while I was surprised to see it as a pick this month, I’m not disappointed in it.

I had ARCs of both A Flicker in the Dark and Olga Dies Dreaming. If you like Karin Slaughter books, than A Flicker in the Dark is a perfect read for you. I really enjoyed it and opted to add it to my shelf, I’ll have a review for it soon! On the other hand, I have an audio advanced copy of Olga Dies Dreaming, and while I like the story, I feel this will be better read than listened too, which is why I put it in my box.

I also threw in two older releases. I was on the fence last month about The Choice. Being a non-fiction book it’s once again outside my normal genre, but I hear it’s written really well and I think I could use an inspirational read right now. The Postmistress of Paris was another I’ve had my eye on, and decided to just go ahead and add it to my box!

That’s what’s in my box this month! Did we pick any of the same books this month? Let me know in the comments below or over on my Instagram HERE.

Happy Reading



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