75 Hard 2021 Challenge

It’s the biggest clique but one of my goals this year is to whip myself back into shape, physically & mentally. I work from home (even before COVID)and while I love it it can be hard to separate your day and to keep yourself motivated to get moving, The travel that I normally do for work though really helps me to stay in a routine. With 2020 though, this all went out the window and my daily routine is well…in the trash for the most part. So my biggest goal for 2021 is to get my routine and self discipline back in line. You can see a few list of my other goals for 2021 HERE!

One way that I am working to jumpstart this wellness journey and get myself back inline is by starting off 2021 with the 75 Hard.

What is the 75 Hard

The 75 Hard Challenge is not a diet or a weight loss program. 75 Hard is a mental toughness challenge created by Andy Frisella that is geared toward helping people fortify their discipline and mental toughness. It’s not a long-term lifestyle choice, this is a tool. It’s a took to instill discipline in yourself. The biggest component for this program is that there is ZERO compromises. You miss a day of one of the challenge items, you start over from day 1. That’s it. It’s a no excuse program and honestly I think I need that sort of tough love at the moment.

There are 5 simple rules to this challenge.

  1. Stick to a diet. No cheat meals, no cheat days, and zero alcohol.
  2. Work out twice a day for 45 minutes. One of these must be outside within reason. If there is a blizzard outside or a hurricane do your second workout inside.
  3. Drink a gallon of water every day.
  4. Read 10 pages of a non-fiction/entrepreneur book every day.
  5. Take a progress picture every day.

While the rules are simple, overcoming your own obstacles to achieve them is anything but. However, in this gritty challenge, you’ll come face to face with your strength and be able to achieve the discipline you’ve always wanted. Consistency is the key here!


The thing that really appealed to me about the 75 Hard is that the rules are simple. Many of the items I already regularly perform but I’m just not consistent enough for the results to show. I also like that there is zero room for excuses. I’m the worst at using excuses to get out of things, and this is really going to challenge me to get out of that habit.

I’d be lying if I said that part of the reason I want to complete this has nothing to do with weight loss. Sticking with a diet and working out twice a day is bound to have positive physical benefits, it’s just not the main reason I’m deciding to do the 75 Hard.

My mental health is the biggest reason behind me wanting to do this challenge. I struggle with anxiety and high functioning depression. 2020 was not an ideal year for either of these issues and I round myself spiraling more than once. Routine is vital to keeping myself in a good mindset and I’m really hoping that the 75 Hard gets me back on track, and ultimately helps me to get my mental health in a good place.

I’m hoping to come out leaning, stronger, healthier, and happier at the end of my challenge.

How I’m going to Accomplish the 75 Hard


I’ve had tons of success before when I do the Whole 30. Since I’m familiar with the Whole 30, I’ve decided to spend at least the first 30 days of the challenge following the Whole 30 diet. For more information around the Whole30 see my post HERE!

Past the first 30 days though, I may switch to paleo and calorie tracking diet instead of the full Whole30. Who knows though, maybe I’ll do the Whole30 for the full 75 days.


One workout is easy for me to get in but the second being outside will be a little more difficult. I’m planning on forcing myself to get up earlier and take Sadie for a 45 minute walk every day. This way I get one workout completed even before my day gets started. It’s also great for Sadie to get some early morning energy out.

For my main workout, I’m planning on working on my strength training and ramping myself back up to run a half marathon. I’ve broken my days down to really help increase my running stamina and pace, while also working to strengthen and lengthen my muscles. I’m also working to incorporate a decent amount of yoga and stretching into my days. My week will consist of:

  • Day 1 : Easy Run between 2-5 miles to get myself moving for the week.
  • Day 2: Upper Body
  • Day 3: Interval and Sprints to work on my speed.
  • Day 4: Lower Body
  • Day 5: Upper Body
  • Day 6: Long Run between 4-12 miles
  • Day 7: Stability and Core


I already drink tons of water. At least 80-90 oucnes a day. The last ~30oz are going to be tough for me, but prioritizing my water intake earlier in the day will really help me to achieve the gallon requirement.


Realistically the reading 10 pages a day is a breeze for me. The biggest obstacle for me here will be the non-fiction part. I don’t real too many nonfiction boos, but I’ve compiled a list non-fiction books I want to read already to keep me on track.

Progress Pictures

Surpsingly I think this will be the most difficult for me to remember to do. But I’m planning to just get it done after our morning walk. Wish me luck!

Let’s Get Started!

I’m starting the 75 Hard this coming Monday January 4, 2021. I’ve got my workout plans writen up and my meal plan set for the next two weeks. To join in on my journey make sure to follow me on instagram: @speakingof_fitness, and be sure to sign up to follow my blog. I’ll also be posting a few blog posts updates every week to talk about my progress, obstacles, and the results I’m seeing. So be sure to check back frequently between January 4th and March 19th!

If you’d like to join my accountability group and join in on the 75 hard DM me on instagram HERE!


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