The Ruthless Lady’s Guide to Wizardy


Delly is a petty thief that is hard up for cash. That is until she stumbles upon a job as a body guard for a Lady. What should be two weeks of work and more than enough money for Delly to pay her rent for a few months, turns into quite the adventure. The threats against her charge are real and after fighting a few mechanical spiders, Delly takes charge to avenge and capture those behind the attacks and murders. She may even find love in the process.

Delly is a complex character. She’s vulgar, unrepatriable, with entirely too loose morals. But she’s also loving, caring, and completely motivated by trying to keep her mum out of trouble. She’s basically your typical walking disaster. Honestly, I haven’t enjoyed a character as much, as much as I enjoyed Delly in a while. Her relationship with Winn was a joy to read about, and I really want a second book of the two of them out solving crimes or just trying to plan a vacation, something!

The language in the book at first, takes a bit to get use to. It’s a form of ole’ English with alot of terms specific to this magical world. My only negatives about this book is that I would have like a bit more knowledge around how the magic system works but maybe that is in the first book. I also found it to be a bit long and it’s under 400 pages. While the story itself is pretty fast paced, I thought there was a bit of fluff/extra talk that could have been removed without it impacting the story. Overall though I thoroughly enjoyed this book!

I have not read C.M. Waggoner’s first book Unnatural Magic but I want to now, especially since most reviewers have said they enjoyed Unnatural Magic more than this book. The Ruthless Lady’s Guide to Wizardry is out in January. Get it HERE!

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