12 Books of Christmas

I love this time of year! Christmas lights, trees, sweets, and spirit are all my favorite things. There is just something about Christmas, that just puts me in the best mood! We don’t get snow or really winter but I still love to curl up with a good Christmas themed novel to really get into the cozy Christmas Spirit. To help you get in the holiday spirit, I’ve put together some of my favorite holiday reads. There is a book for everyone, including my horror fans! Yes I know, horror isn’t really a ‘feel good’ book but trust me this one will put you in the holiday spirit.

The Last Christmas in Paris tells the love story of Eva and Thomas as they live through World War I. This historical fiction is a tear jerker but perfect for Christmas Season.

While Horror books don’t necessarily fall under the ‘Holiday’ theme, NOS4A2 is a prefect holiday read because of it’s very strong Christmas theme. If you like thrillers and horror books than this will be perfect for you this holiday season.

While Gingerbread doesn’t take place during Christmas, gingerbread cookies are a huge part of our family holiday traditions. Reading this book gave me big holiday vibes.

Little Women is a classic and one of my favorites to reread around Christmas time. This Puffin edition is a gorgeous holiday edition, but the Book of the Month edition is another beautiful copy.

A Nutcracker retelling with a hint of magic, Hiddensee perfect for the holiday season.

Holiday Romance

Holiday romances are a guilty pleasure of mine. If you love a good Hallmark channel holiday movie than these books are for you.

Holiday Series

These three series are perfect to fly through on a cold or snowy day! Each of these have multiple books in the series so if you love any of these, be sure to pick up the next book in the series!

I hope you found something to read from this list. What other books do you like to read to get you into the holiday spirit? Let me know by commenting below or on instagram @speakingof_books.

Happy Holidays Ya’ll!


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  1. Lauren Becker says:

    I keep meaning to read Joe Hill’s book. I definitely need to pick it up soon. I’ve loved other things he’s written, so I’m a fan!


    1. Allison Speakmon says:

      Ive really enjoyed his writing so far. I didnt realize he was stephen king’s son til this summer!

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