Silent Night


Y’all know me, I love a good solid mystery especially when I don’t figure out the ending. Silent Night is the second book in Nell Pattison’s Paige Northwood Series. Paige Northwood is a deaf translator who works with the local police department to assist in solving crimes committed against the deaf community or involving the deaf community. While Paige is not a police detective, she gets up to all sorts of investigation shenanigans.

In Silent Night, a staff member of the Lincoln School for Deaf is murdered and a student is missing, while away on a weekend trip. It’s snowing heavily and while the death of Head Teacher Steve Wilkinson is troubling, the missing teen Leon is who the police are anxious to find. As the police investigator DS Rav Singh & DI Forest continue to investigate, the secrets being held by some of the students living at the school are beginning to unravel.

I really enjoyed this book, and I especially enjoyed learning more about the deaf community, which is at the heart of the mystery. I liked that while the book is a mystery, it truly has a lot of educational guidance in relation to the deaf community.

In terms of the actual story, I thought the plot was well written and the writing is fasted paced. I found myself getting highly annoyed with all the teenagers and their secrets, which just added to the mystery of the story for me. And let’s face it, it’s highly realistic to think that a bunch of teenagers are keeping major secrets!

The characters in this book are solid. We learn quite a bit about Paige and especially one of her past relationships, since her ex-boyfriend is a prime suspect in the murders and the investigation at the school. I really enjoyed how Pattinson reveals a secret per chapter, or at least that was how it felt. This helps to keep the reader invested but also intrigued throughout the entire story. The added elements of location and the snowy weather increase the tension in the book and add a level of creepiness that is perfectly crafted.

My only compliant with this book, is that I felt Pattison gave away too much from the first book. I would have really enjoyed going back and reading Silent House without knowing so much of the plot and resolution. I think some references to the first book would have been great, but in this case I felt like too much info.

Overall I really enjoyed this book and look forward to reading more about Paige Northwood! This book is out now, get it HERE!

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