The Unmaking of June Farrow


The Farrow women have long been thought to have been cursed and many have disappeared without a trace. June Farrow is the last of the Farrow women and is determined to note let the curse get her. As she’s grieving the loss of her grandmother sets in though, the signs of ‘madness’ start slowly creeping in. Not only is she starting to see things that shouldn’t exist, but a man seems to be watching her. It’s not until she receives a note in the mail from her recently deceased grandmother that June starts need answers to truth of the Farrow women curse might be. When she starts seeing a red door, it’s this need for answers which compels her to walk through. As she embarks on this journey to find answers, everything she’s ever known to be true will be challenged and her faith in herself will be tested.

Adrienne Young is amazing at writing imaginative and magically atmospheric stories. The have this lightness to them that completely transport readers into another realm entirely.


Time travel books are often hit or miss for me as I found that authors either don’t do a great job of distinguishing the various timelines or they get to in the weeds with how the whole phenomenal works, which in turn detracts from the storyline. Young though, did an excellent job of both blurring the lines between realities, while also just letting the reader simply believe in the impossible.

I adored our characters and found this to be a surprisingly beautiful love story with themes of family, sacrifice, and willpower. I wasn’t in love with the initial pacing of the story and found that it wasn’t until about 25% into the story that I was truly drawn in. While that impacts my overall star rating, I 100% know why Young chose to go that route and found it laid excellent groundwork for the rest of the story. I also would have liked to have a better understanding of how and why this ‘curse’ came around, but ultimately, I truly enjoyed reading story. Definitely my favorite from Young so far!

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The Unmaking of June Farrow is out now. Huge thank you to Delacorte Press for my advanced copy in exchange for my honest opinion.  If you liked this review please let me know either by commenting below or by visiting my Instagram @speakingof.books.


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    Another book to read. Thanks for sharing.

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      I think you’d like this one

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