When a mountain appears out of thin air in the middle of the ocean, the worlds smartest scientists are recruited to investigate. But the researcher’s handlers are close lipped about who they are working for and what is already known. As the researchers continue their journey up a mountain higher than Everest, paranoia sets in and not everyone will make it down the mountain.

This is one of those books that keeps you saying, ‘what the actual F*%$’. I wanted to binge it to figure out what was going. Told through a series of letters written by one of the scientist, it’s highly engrossing, entertaining, and when they say it’s mind-bending, they mean it. The writing was excellent but as a reader who needs closure, the end of the book fell short to me.

I think this book is best read blind and with an open mind. While the story was compelling, the physics pieces were occasionally difficult for me to wrap my mind around. Also, while we get a good sense of Harold Tunmore, the author of the letters, I didn’t find myself caring much about any of our other characters. The supporting cast fell flat and I would have liked to have more background on them.

3.5 stars rounded down to 3. If you love a good ‘why are we here’ or stories they suspend believe you’ll really enjoy this one.


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