May 2023 Book of the Month

May picks are in! I’m not surprised by most of these, but I wouldn’t say I’m overly excited for this month. We did get 9 new books this month, with four being from repeat authors and two debut authors. We also ended up with two historical fictions, three contemporary fiction, 1 thriller, 2 romances, and 1 YA book which I was surprised to see.

Of this month’s picks I have copies of three of our main picks, and two of our add-ons, though I’ve only read three so far. Keep reading to see this month’s picks and what I decided to put in my blue box this month!

Reminder that if none of these are speaking to you this month be sure to check out some of my Most Anticipated New Releases lists. If you’re looking for add-ons to put into your boxes, be sure to check out my BOTM add-on recommendations, which I update every couple of months.


May Picks

The Last Word Review



The Secret Book of Flora Lea Review


My Box

I already have copies of Clytemnestra, The Secret Book of Flora Lea, The Last Word, and The Half Moon. While I’ve finished both The Last Word and The Secret Book of Flora Lea, I have yet to read Clytemnestra and I’m struggling through The Half Moon, which is turning into more of a story about infertility & divorce than anything else.

I haven’t read any of Taylor Adam’s other books, but if you want a traditional thriller I definitely recommend it and found it to be an enjoyable read.

The Last Word Review

If you want a historical fiction that feels magical, I highly recommend The Secret Book of Flora Lea. I found it to be a lovely historical fiction, that while set partly during WWII focused less on the war itself and more on the impact on children of the war.

The Secret Book of Flora lea review

I love Abby Jimenez and Christina Lauren, and since we’re headed to the lake for a few weeks, I adore fun romances during the summer. I have heard nothing but great things about both Yours Truly and The True Love Experiment, so those were no brainers when I put my box together.

Did You Hear About Kitty Kar? was on my predictions and my Most Anticipated List. It gives me Evelyn Hugo vibes and I am here for it. I’m still waiting to see if I was getting a ARC, but since it’s a May pick and I have extra credits, I figured I’d go for it.

I skipped The Collected Regrets of Clover. As much as I would love to read it, I’m not in a good place to read about death even if it’s an more inspirational story. I have some personal things going on and I just need to stay away from that right now. In the same vein, I’m not much in the mood for literary fiction at the moment, which is why I skipped the other debut Paper Names. I’ll probably put it on hold at the library though this summer.

I was surprised to see a YA pick this month, and while I love fantasy I have such a fantasy backlog at the moment, that I also decided to skip on Warrior Girl Unearthed. However, depending on the reviews that come in, I may add it to my June Box!

That’s what’s in my box this month! Did we pick any of the same books this month? Let me know in the comments below or over on my Instagram HERE.


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