April Book of the Month

April books are here! Personally, I think it’s such a good line up and have been lucky enough to received copies of s6 of this month’s picks. Surprisingly, I’ve actually finished 2, am almost finished with 2 more, and have the final 2 lined up on my TBR already.

We only have 2 debuts, 2 repeat authors, and a good mix of genres as options this month. 4 of this month’s picks were on my predictions list, and all but 2 were already on my TBR. All in all, April is lining up to be a great reading month!

Reminder that if none of these are speaking to you this month be sure to check out some of my Most Anticipated New Releases lists. If you’re looking for add-ons to put into your boxes be sure to check out my BOTM add-on recommendations, which I update every couple of months.




This is the first month, that I have copies of almost all of the month’s picks. The only two I don’t have copies of are Advika and the Hollywood Wives and Hang the Moon. Advika has a blurb by Taylor Jenkin’s Reid and the premise sounds fantastic to me. Hang the Moon isn’t speaking to me and I’m not fully in the mood for a historical fiction, so I’ve decided to only add Advika and the Hollywood Wives to my box this month. I also skipped on Adelaide. I hear it’s amazing but I’m just not in the right headspace for heavy reads right now.

Currently I have read and reviewed 2 of this month’s main picks. Romantic Comedy was fabulous and has more of a contemporary fiction vibe than a cheesy romance. I didn’t know much about it when I started reading it, but I flew through it and ended up loving it. Highly recommend if you like SNL, non-cheesy romances, and women’s fiction.

Romantic Comedy Review

I’ve also already read Camp Zero and while I enjoyed the writing, I need more from the end. This book is great if you want something atmospheric and open ended. I personally also had the ‘Collective We’ POV, and one of our main characters is a group of women collectively called ‘White Alice’.

Camp Zero Review

I basically binge read The Only Survivors. I know that thrillers can be predictable, but I enjoyed Megan Miranda’s book so much! It’s a perfect beach or rainy day thriller.

The Only Survivors review

I am almost finished with The House is on Fire. I am enjoying it so far, so be sure to sign up for my notifications of new posts! I also have copies of Divine Rivals and Ana Maria and the Fox. Both are high on my TBR but I’ve heard nothing but good things about both books.

If I had to recommend one book to pick this month Romantic Comedy would be my top pick, followed by The Only Survivors.

That’s what’s in my box this month! Did we pick any of the same books this month? Let me know in the comments below or over on my Instagram HERE.

Happy Reading



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