From Bad to Cursed


The second installment of The Thistle Grove Witches and I loved this one even more than the first!

Isidora Avramov is torn between her dreams of being a fashion designer and staying to be apart of family’s witchy business. When a dark magical accident happens to a member of the Thorn family, The Avramov clan are the prime suspects because of their penchant for the darker arts. To uncover the culprit, Isidora has been paired with the Thron heir, Rowan, to investigate the incident. The only problem, Rowan and Isidora can’t stand each other. Can they put their differences aside to reverse the curse that is floating over the town?

I think enemies to lovers is my favorite romance trope. Something about this trope always add extra tension and chemistry to the romance, and I’m here for it. Isidora was great! I craved getting to know more about Talia in Payback’s a Witch, and so getting to follow Isidora was great for me.  I loved her dark personalities, her loyalty to her family, and her obsession with animals. She was the perfect amount of edgy and sweet, and her sass was legendary. Rowan, a sweet rule following Thron, is the complete opposite of Isidora. The origin story of why the two ‘hate’ each other was pretty funny imo, and just thought the two fit perfectly together.

The pacing was spot on in this book, even better than the first book, and while you know our two leads are going to ‘get together’, I loved watching their romance grow. Definitely recommend this fun book!

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