January 2023 | BOTM Predictions

Running a little behind on predictions for the first BOTM picks of 2023. But it was my son’s first Christmas season! We’ve been busy, but better late than never.

For January there are a tremendous number of books I’m looking forward to. There are quite a few (Grady Hendrix’s How to Sell a Haunted House) that while I would love to see them as picks, I highly doubt they would make the cut. All that to say, narrowing down picks this month was HARD!

With so many interesting books coming out in January, I think we’ll see mostly January releases, though I wouldn’t be surprised if we see at least one February release. I would love to see a bunch of debuts to start the year but there are quite a few repeat authors with books coming out in January that may make an appearance as well.

Whether or not these are actually picks, only time will tell. Even if they are not, all or most of these are on my January Most Anticipated New Releases list and my Winter 2023 Most Anticipated.

When the picks are announced and you find you have space in your box still, make sure to also check out my most recent version of BOTM Add-On recommendations HERE, because who couldn’t use even more books!

Keep in mind that these are simply predictions and books I hope get chosen. I could get these completely wrong but the anticipation and guessing is part of the fun right?!


Mystery & Thriller

For Mysteries and Thrillers this month I have two repeat authors and two new to BOTM authors. Rachel Hawkins and C.J. Tudor are both previous BOTM authors. I’ve read both The Villa and The Drift and both feel very BOTM to me. While both had my fairly captivated, the endings didn’t cut it for me. I would still be excited to see both as a pick for January though.

The Drift Review
The Villa Review

Bad Cree is a mixture of horror, mystery, thriller, and a touch of magical realism. I have an ARC of this one and honestly cannot wait to jump into it.

Ya’ll know I love when BOTM features debuts, and Age of Vice is my top mystery pick this month!

Literary & Contemporary Fiction

This is always the hardest category for me to narrow down, but my main pick for January (even though it doesn’t come out til the last day of the month) is Maame. I have an ARC of this one and it sounds amazing. I can’t wait to get to it.

Really Good, Actually is a debut that is Paula Hawkin’s did a blurb calling it, “Hilarious, heartwarming, wise”. It seems super relatable for my generation and It’s high on my TBR.

Finally, I love stories about sisters, and Small World follows two newly divorced sisters. It also sounds excellent and is high on my TBR.

Historical Fiction

I can’t fully remember but I don’t think that Marie Benedict has ever been a BOTM pick. I enjoy her books and they remind me of Fiona Davis books a bit. So while Benedict is fairly well known I thought we might see her upcoming release as a pick.

Pandora is my second choice for a Historical Fiction pick. I love a good mythology story and I feel like BOTM has really been choosing more within this realm, so would be excited to see it as a pick in January.

Lastly, the debut A New Life is giving me The Hearts Invisible Furies Vibes and I’ve already put in a request for an ARC of this one. It has some rave reviews already and could fit right into BOTM’s lineup.


Previous author Talia Hibbert has upcoming YA romance coming out, and I would love to see Highly Suspicious and Unfairly Cute be a BOTM pick. Her Brown Sister’s series were BOTM picks and if you have not read them yet, you should. They are the cutest!

Both The Reunion and You Should Smile More sound just up my alley! I’ve been on a huge romance streak lately, and I would love to dive into either of these books.

Fantasy & Science Fiction

I’m going to be honest and say the only Fantasy book I want to see as a BOTM pick or add-on is Hell Bent. I adored Ninth House and even though I already have a pre-order, think they should have the second book in the series!


Previous BOTM Authors with January Releases

Already Out

All the Dangerous Things comes out January 10 and was a December BOTM Pick . I don’t normally offer trigger warnings, but as a new mom, I did for this one.

All the dangerous things review

I hope you found a book that you are truly excited about in this post. Let me know which other new releases you are excited for this month or that you’re hoping are BOTM picks, by commenting below or by messaging me on Instagram @speakingof_books. Don’t forget to follow me to get weekly updates and new reviews!

Happy Reading!

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  1. CLS says:

    Dang that’s a lot of books to keep up with. Good luck 👍

  2. Elisabeth says:

    Thanks for posting! This is my favorite of your features. It gets me motivated to get out of bed and make coffee so I can comb through your picks in peace.

  3. Keri says:

    Yay! I was worried we would be get predictions this month. I also love this feature most and think it’s fun seeing what you predict! It makes it even more fun to see what BOTM picks once they’re released!

    I’m super excited for The Villa since I’ve read her other two adult mystery/thriller books and enjoyed them. I’m also curious to check out ‘really good, actually’, and ‘The Drift’! Maybe also ‘Pandora’ even though historical is not normally my thing lol

    1. Allison Speakmon says:

      I agree! I love picking out books for it, though the holidays were so time consuming that I barely got a chance to sit down to write at all! The Drift was really good, though it does have major pandemic themes! I have a copy of Pandora and need to sit down and read it, it’s so hard to get through all the books I want in a timely manner!

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