Love on the Brain


Bee Königswasser is Marie Curie’s biggest fan and has wanted to be a scientist since she was a little girl. Her and her sister Reike bounced around from one family member to another after their parents died. Unlike her sister who has continued a life of wanderlust, Bee craves stability and avoids any sort of romantic entanglements especially after her ex-fiancé has an affair with her best friend. After working for a subpar scientist at NIH, Bee’s dream job has landed in her lap. She’s headed to NASA to co-lead a neuroengineering project. The only problem is that her grade school nemesis Levi Ward, just happens to be her co-lead.

I can tell that Ali Hazelwood has brains, because there were so many instances and references to very specific sciency things. Even though some of it was above my head, Hazelwood does such a great job of describing all the sciency terms and actions in layman’s terms, enough to where it doesn’t turn a non-science reader away or detract from the ‘fun’ of the book.

I loved Bee. She was such a fun character and being in her brain was a blast. She’s extremely guarded and lacks all confidence at the beginning of the story, but Hazelwood does a fantastic job of showing character growth for her. On the other hand Levi is just swoon worthy. He’s a noteworthy engineer with a athletic body and a teddy bear heart. The chemistry between the two was felt from the very beginning of the book and only got better as the story went on.

This is the cutest and smartest little romance ever! As a women in STEM myself, I adore books (especially romances) that feature smart women in STEM. Add to that that this book is set in Texas and I’m sold! I immediately went on to read The Love Hypothesis and you can bet that I’m going to pick up her novellas soon.

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Love on the Brain comes out August 23nd! Huge thank you to Berkley for my advanced copy in exchange for my honest opinion.  If you liked this review please let me know either by commenting below or by visiting my instagram @speakingof_books.


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