February Book of the Month

One whole month down of 2022, and I hope your year is turning out to be awesome! It’s about to get even better because February’s books are here!

I’m surprised by some of these selections, seeing as there isn’t a Romance pick for Valentine’s Day and seeing so many March releases as the main picks. February has a ton of new books coming out that I thought would be great picks but I digress. We do however have 2 debuts in our main picks, technically 3 if you count a debut into adult fiction as a debut. If you’ve been following me for any amount of time, you’ll know that I love debut authors from BOTM. It’s one of the main reasons I originally joined BOTM, to find new authors! Keep reading to see what this month’s picks are and to see what I put in my box.

Reminder that if none of these are speaking to you this month be sure to check out some of my Most Anticipated New Releases lists. If you’re looking for add-ons to put into your boxes be sure to check out my BOTM add-on recommendations, which I update every couple of months.


February Book of the Month Picks

If you’re trying to complete this year’s reading challenge, A River Enchanted was a four star read for me. It’s lyrical and has a big emphasis on Scottish folklore and music. It’s a fantasy that gave me a mix of Outlander and Name of the Wind Vibes, though it’s not high fantasy and the ‘magic’ is more abstract.


Vladimir, is extremely literary and it going to be a hit or miss for most folks. It was not my cup of tea at all, and was almost a dNF for me. There is very little dialogue and felt like one long monologue or an uninterrupted train of thought from our narrator. It was a 2.5 star read for me, rounded up to 3. If you like character studies you might enjoy this one, but my plot based readers may struggle like I did.

REVIEW | Vladimir

New Add-Ons


My Picks

I’ve actually read two of our main picks already. I have a physical copy of A River Enchanted which I really enjoyed already and I had a digital copy of Vladimir which I hated, so I skipped adding either of those to my boxes.


I’ve really been craving some good historical fictions and both Don’t Cry for Me and Peach Blossom Spring seem right up my alley, and so I’ve decided to add both of those to my list. I’m not a huge fan of Greer Hendricks and Sarah Pekkanean and their last few books have left me underwhelmed. I’m going to keep The Golden Couple as a library read rather than adding it to my shelves.

Add-on wise I picked The Christie Affair. I adore Agatha Christie and this historical fiction has been on my radar for a while now so I’m super excite to add it to my box. Also in keeping with the Agatha Christie theme, Death on the Nile is also available as an add-on this month. I already have a copy of this one, ref Christie being a favorite author of mine, but with the movie coming out soon it’s a great time to pick a copy of this one up.

Though I haven’t read either What the Fireflies Knew or I must Betray You, I do have copies of both already that I’m hoping to read in the next few weeks. Both of these would have gone into my box if I didn’t have copies, as they’re both getting rave reviews.

That’s what’s in my box this month! Did we pick any of the same books this month? Let me know in the comments below or over on my Instagram HERE.

Happy Reading



For those who haven’t heard of Book of the Month club or BOTM, it is a subscription program, similar to audible or other box subscription services, where you get (you guessed it) a new book every month. Each month members are given 5 different books to choose from.  BOTM generally focusing on debut and emerging writers, and is known for having helped launch the careers of some of the most acclaimed authors in American literary history. In an attempt to read more books outside my favorite genres without having to siphon through all the duds, I decided to sign up for the monthly subscriptions. It costs me $14.99 per month, I choose 1 of the 5 books on the first of every month,  and it’s delivered straight to my door. You can skip any month or roll your credits over to the next month, at any time. Since I started getting BOTM in 2018, I’ve really enjoyed some of the new authors I’ve been exposed to. If you’re interested in joining BOTM, I’ve added my referral code to the bottom of this post, which if you use, you’ll be able to get a discount on your first month (book)!

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