The Bright Side Running Club


Keira has just had her life turned upside down when she’s given the news that she has Breast Cancer. She’s determined to keep living her life the way she has been, but soon finds herself overwhelmed by treatment, expectations, and the doubts in her head. Enter Tasmin, who is also going through treatment and convinces Keira to join her running club. It’s been years since Keira has run, but she decides to join not just Tasmin but also Sian and Amma for a run. Together they make up the Bright Side Running Club, and don’t just push each other to reach the finish line, but also help each other to understand and come to terms with their diagnoses.

Each of the ladies we meet in this story are brilliant and in a different stage of their Breast Cancer journeys. The strength they display in the story and the connections they form with one and other really makes this story stand out. I also loved that Lloyd spent time depicting the process and steps of treatment, including simple things such as what a Mediport is. Lloyd also does a great job depicting the emotional rollercoaster that can come with diagnosis such as breast cancer, not just from the patients perspective but also how it impacts a family.

Outside of the running club, Keira is also struggling to regain her voice when it comes to running her boutique shop that her ex-brother’s girlfriend co-owns. This storyline is woven into the mix wonderfully and also gives us a little bit of extra ‘drama’ within the novel. While the story would’ve worked without it, I personally liked it added into the mix.

This is such a lovely story that is based on the author’s real life experience with Breast Cancer. In 2016 author Josie Lloyd was diagnosed and joined a running club, just like Kiera she ran the Brighton 10K. Picture of her below because I think it’s just an awesome picture and you can read all about her run HERE.

If you’re looking for something ‘real’ to read, need an uplifting story, or something that will make you tear up than look no future than The Bright Side Running Club. Highly recommend picking this one up!

Battling on: Josie in the Brighton Marathon 10k in 2018. The writer has now penned a book about her experience, which is out Thursday


The Bright Side Running Club is out now.  Huge thank you to Alcove Press for my advanced copy in exchange for my honest opinion.  If you liked this review please let me know either by commenting below or by visiting my instagram @speakingof_books.


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