The Ex Hex


Do you love a good witchy read with all the Hallmark vibes? If you answered yes than you need to pick up The Ex Hex before Halloween this Sunday!

If you follow me than you’ll know I’m not a huge romance reader. I like the occasional romance but I’m more of a Mystery/Detective/Fantasy reader. Life has been so busy for me though lately that I needed something light and fun to read this Halloween season and The Ex Hex was the answer for me. I was also the perfect read for me after binging the newest season of The Good Witch on Netflix but I digress.

The plot of this story isn’t groundbreaking and is your typical enemies to lovers trope. It doesn’t get too deep which sometimes you just need a more superficial read. However, I really loved all the witchy elements mixed into the story and the banter between our two leads is spot on and so enjoyable!

Our main characters were so likable. Vivi was such a strong female lead, while Rhys is your typical wealthy boy who doesn’t seem to take anything too seriously, except that he’s actually a much deeper character than that. The romance that blooms between the wasn’t too over the top and while we get a bit of steam from them, it’s not the focal point of the story. The side characters as well added quite a bit of personality to the story, and I’m stoked that this is going to be a series!

Realistically, this is such a cute and fun read, perfect for the fall season. Now for Netflix to pick it up so I can add this Hallmarkesque story to my yearly October TV schedule!


The Ex Hex is out now. If you liked this review please let me know either by commenting below or by visiting my Instagram @speakingof_books.


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