July 2021 | BOTM Predictions

Coming to the end of another month means it’s time for some Book of the Month Predictions! I’ve already posted my July 2021 Most Anticipated list, so if you need to add even more books to your TBR, click HERE to see what I’m excited for in July!

Every month, Book of the month tries to offer up a diverse selection of books for subscribers. There is usually always one thriller/mystery pick, one romance/women’s literature pick, most months have a non-fiction or historical fiction choice, one contemporary/literary fiction pick, and one random pick, with YA or a second in any of these categories. Early releases are also quite common so I’ve taken a look at my July Most Anticipated List as well to draw up these predictions.

Whether or not these are actually picks, only time will tell. Even if they are not all or most of these are on my July Most Anticipated New Releases list, which you can see HERE! When the picks are announced and you find you have space in your box still, make sure to also check out my most recent version of BOTM Add-On recommendations HERE!

Keep in mind that these are simply predictions and books I hope get chosen. I could get these completely wrong but the anticipated and guessing is part of the fun right?!


Mystery / Thriller

My top pick for a mystery read this month is Razorblade Tears by S.A. Crosby. His release last year Blacktop Wasteland was fabulous. I’ve actually started an audio of this one already and I can already tell, I’ll be adding it to my July box if it is indeed a pick.

My second pick would The Husbands, which is actually releases next week in June. But the premise is very on brand for BOTM so I wouldn’t be surprised if it showed up.

I don’t actually think Survive the Night will be a main pick. Although last month I didn’t think The Maidens or Malibu Rising would be main picks either. I would just prefer for repeat BOTM authors to be add-ons, as I prefer my main picks to be new authors!


Literary & Contemporary Fiction

We are the Brennans is being marketed as being similar to Ask Again, Yes, which was a previous BOTM pick. As an early August release, I think that it’s likely it could very well be July’s Contemporary pick! It’s an absolutely fabulous read and I’m sad I read it so fast. See my full REVIEW HERE.

The Paper Palace is another great option and is an early July release. The author of Good Company did a blurb on this book, so I feel confident it’s a contender for July.


Historical Fiction

There has been some talk about Sisters in Arms being this month’s Historical Fiction pick. I’m not sold on it and would much prefer to see Shoulder Season or The Forest of Vanishing Stars as the July pick. Both were absolutely fantastic picks and I wouldn’t mind have a BOTM copy to add to my shelves. However, Sisters in Arms would be a debut, so it does make it a strong contender for this month.



Romance wise, I’d love to see either While We Were Dating or The Devil and the Heiress be picked. Neither are a debut, but book 1 in The Gilded Age Heiresses sold out so quickly on BOTM last year, that I can’t imagine book 2 wouldn’t at least be an add-on.

Potential Repeat Authors

Not a ton of repeat author options for July. Though I did include Survive the Night even though it is a June release. I’ll say again that while I love having my books from the same author match, I much prefer these just be add-on options!

Already Available

June had one July release in the main picks and if you haven’t picked up Half Sick of Shadows, I would highly recommend putting it in your July box.


I hope you found a book that you are truly excited about in this post. Let me know which other new releases you are excited for this month or that you’re hoping are BOTM picks, by commenting below or by messaging me on Instagram @speakingof_books. Don’t forget to follow me to get weekly updates and new reviews!

Happy Reading!

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