I’ve only read two Colleen Hoover books. One being Verity and this one, Layla, I have yet to venture into the world of traditional CoHo romance books and while I’ve been meaning to dive into that world, Verity has set my CoHo bar wayyyy high!

Like Verity, Layla, is a mixture of genres. In this case we’re talking paranormal romance with a bit of mystery. Sounds weird right? It is but in a good way. The plot at it’s base is very on par with a traditional romance. Boy is miserable. Boy meets girl. Boy and girl fall madly in love. Tragedy strikes. Except that’s just the first two chapters. The real story revolves around Leeds, Boy, and his struggle to cope and help his girlfriend Layla cope after his ex-girlfriend Sable shoots both of them.

In an attempt to rekindle their relationship, Leeds books a week at the Bed and Breakfast where him and Layla originally met. It’s here that he meets Willow. Willow a spirit that inhabits the B&B is drawn to both Leeds and Layla. Events I don’t want to spoil ensure!

The first half of this book is really great. Hoover, as in Verity, does a great job of building and adding depth into our main characters. The romance, with CoHo is known for, is there without it being over the top. The first half of the book really kept me engaged and turning pages.

The second half of the story is where I have some issues. It get’s very reptitive and I found myself growing bored. Even with the paranormal activities happening, I felt as if the book should have wrapped up much faster.

That said, I think Colleen Hoover is a fabulous author and I really enjoy that she tries to branch out her writing by mixing romance with other genres. Verity though is a tough cookie to beat and while Verity was a ★★★★★, Layla barely gets ★★★★.

Layla is out now, get it here!


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