White Ivy


While White Ivy started out as a three star read for me, it ended at a four star. The main reason for this is because Part 1 really dragged on for me. It was hard for me to fully understand where the story was going at first but once Part 1 laid the foundation, I was much more onboard with the story. Parts 2 and 3 also read much faster, making the story more enjoyable for me.

Ivy is a thief. See steals little things, but nonethless she’s a thief. She’s also the dauagther of two Chinese immigrants and caught between her parents conservatism and wanting to fit in at her private middle school. The actions that take place during her middle school years are ultimately what this book is built one.

Growing up Ivy’s family struggled to make ends meet but it’s at Grove Academy, where her parents send her to school, an exclusive school that Ivy gets a taste of what wealth brings. The passion for wealth and being surrounded by it is what drives her, and really doesn’t it drive most of us? But for Ivy, just how far will she go to get what she wants?

There is quite of moral and ethical questions that Yang illustrates in her writing. While Ivy on the outside is exactly what people expect, her inner thoughts tend to be more dark in nature. I really loved the complex personality that Ivy has and while there are plenty of other characters in this story, she’s the one that really sticks with you. I found myself days later wondering about her choices and if there were other motives to her actions. She’s a master manipulator and I’m not sure if I love her character or hate her.

While this is most certainly a slow burn, it’s remarkably well written especially for a DEBUT! Yang really captured so many themes in this story and packed them into a nice and compact story.

If you enjoyed The Last Story of Mina Lee, I think you will really enjoy this story. White Ivy releases this coming Tuesday November 3, 2020. Get your copy HERE!

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