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Welcome back to October’s edition of ‘Meet the Blogger’. Each month I feature a different blogger and get their take on the blogging world. This is my attempt at getting closer to my blogging friends and getting to know their motive behind starting a blog in the first place. I also hope that this series will encourage others that are looking to blog, to dive into the blogging world.

Last month we got to know a bit more about Jordan from To see her full interview head HERE! This month we’re getting to know all about Vivian from Passionately Perusing! If you’d like to be featured please comment below or reach out to me via instagram @speakingof_books.

Meet Vivian from Passionately Perusing

A Michigan native, Viv currently resides in Kentucky with her adorable pupper Dot, oh and her boyfriend too. Viv is the the women behind the curtain over at Passionately Perusing ( & @passionatelyperusing), which is a dedicated book blog and Instagram. She mainly features and writes book reviews, book tags, wrap ups, and bookish discussion posts.

Viv, like most of us bloggers, needed a place to share all the thoughts in her head especially related to all the audiobooks she was listening to at her data entry job. That combined with moving 600+ miles from home, really motived her to start her blogging journey back in October of 2017. Oh and by the way she’s celebrating 3 whole years of blogging this month, so make sure to congratulate her!

I was homesick and needed a hobby to save me from my thoughts. Thank goodness there’s a whole community for [talking about books]

Vivian Stevenson

Her biggest piece of advice for any new bloggers or anybody looking to get into blogger, is to make sure you’re proud of what you put out. Don’t fall to the pressures of blogging and put out quantity over quality. The pressure to post consistently and constantly or to read faster can be intimidating. It’s honestly more important to have fun and create interesting content rather than ALOT of it.

On the whole, Viv, really enjoys blogging because it helps her to connect to others. While she likes to keep more to herself, Viv really loves being able to share opinions on books and really understanding how others view stories. Everyone’s experiences cause them to understand or have very different take aways from stories, and she loves to hear how others process those same stories.

On the topic of understanding how people think, Viv’s dream job is to be a psychiatrist. She loves to help people learn to cope and/or take care of deep-seated mental health issues. She believes that it would be a difficult job but incredibly satisfying to be able to help others in this way. At 24, she’s unsure if this will be her path, but I think she should go for it! Aka, do it girl, and I’ll be your cheerleader!

Outside of blogging and reading, Viv is an avid bullet journaler and enjoys art. But it’s really her love for Dirty Dancing & dogs that drew me to her! I mean how cute is DOT (see below). I just know her and Sadie would be friends. Plus she once drew a picture of Swayze in her High School art class, and I’m not resting until I’m shown that picture!

Now that you know a little bit more about Viv, go check out her blog and instagram for some great book recommendations! Make sure to check out Viv’s content HERE! You can also connect with her on social media:

Instagram: @passionatelyperusing

Goodreads: Vivian Stevenson

& in the words of Viv, “Be respectful && Happy Reading!”

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