The Orphan’s Guilt


Okay so this is the 31st book in the Joe Gunther series by Archer Mayor. This series is a fan favorite and while the story was good, this lacked the suspense of a police novel for me. There are also a ton of characters, which if you’ve read the rest of this series, you’re probably familiar with. You know the characters, their backstories, and how they all fit together. This was my first Joe Gunther book thought so I did not have these intial connections to the characters, thus I felt a bit lost.

There are a ton of characters, and they all relate and/or are tied together in various ways. This took away from the story for me. I was too caught up in remembering who was who to really focus and commit to the plot line.

Overall the story and plot is wonderfully woven and I was pleasantly surprised by the ending, but this lacked a bit of suspense for me. If you’ve dived into the Joe Gunther world already, then I think you’ll really enjoy this one, but it didn’t do it for me and ultimately I gave it ★★★.

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