12 Week Challenge with @bodyfitbalance

Alright y’all, summer is coming to an end and so are all my excuses to not get in better shape. I’ve always wanted to sign up for a fitness challenge because I’m very motivated by competition. I finally picked Bailey’s challenge, which started Monday, and I’m going to be chronicling my journey for the next 12 weeks with you, my readers!

In addition to Bailey’s challenge, I’m also working on getting myself back into peak running shape. Growing up I never ran because softball, dance, and gymnastics all had me doing sprints not long distance. When I was college, on a fluke, started to run and then proceeded to run 3-5 miles daily. At my peak I was running anywhere from 15 – 25 miles a week. Lately, I can barely run a mile without getting tired. In the past year I’ve tried to get back into running shape, but I’ve been to aggressive in my approach. I beat myself up for not being able to run 5 miles out of the blue, instead of being kind to my body and easing myself back in, This time I’m going to be nicer to my self and start out slow.

While the @bodyfitbalance challenge is 12 weeks long, I’ve extended my own personal challenge to 16 weeks to accommodate for my half marathon training. I’ve also added a Whole 30 into the mix as well, which will start on September 14th!

Take a glance into my workout schedule for the next few weeks!

If you’d like to join in on my fitness journey, make sure to sign up to get my emails and/or head to my instagram page @speakingof_fitness to see my day to day. Also make sure to check back weekly for a detailed review each weeks goals & schedule!

You don’t have to be EXTREME, you just need to be CONSISTENT!

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  1. CLS says:

    WOW! You are one busy person. Staying fit is always a challenge for me, so I’m rooting for you and your success.

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