The Night Country

At a Glance

Title: The Night Country43565384

Author: Melissa Albert

Published: January 7, 2020 by Flatiron Books

Page: 352

Genre: Fantasy, Young Adult

Goodreads Rating: 3.92out of 5

My Rating: ★★★★☆


“In The Night Country, Alice Proserpine dives back into a menacing, mesmerizing world of dark fairy tales and hidden doors. Follow her and Ellery Finch as they learn The Hazel Wood was just the beginning, and that worlds die not with a whimper, but a bang.

With Finch’s help, Alice escaped the Hinterland and her reclusive grandmother’s dark legacy. Now she and the rest of the dregs of the fairy tale world have washed up in New York City, where Alice is trying to make a new, unmagical life. But something is stalking the Hinterland’s survivors―and she suspects their deaths may have a darker purpose. Meanwhile, in the winking out world of the Hinterland, Finch seeks his own adventure, and―if he can find it―a way back home…”

My Thoughts

My sister and I read Melissa Albert’s first novel The Hazelwood when it came out last year. We loved it. So when a copy of The Night Country showed up on my doorstep before Christmas, I knew I was able to be the best gift giver ever. Of course I had to read the book first before I wrapped it up for my sister.

Initially, since I had read the original book 10 months prior, I had a hard time reengaging with the story. A lot of that had to due with not remember certain aspects of the original story. Once I got reacquainted with the characters again, I started to fly through the book.

I’m a huge Alice in Wonderland fan. I love the nonsensical magical worlds where anything can happen, because magic is involved and there are no rules. While this series follows the general portal fantasy story line, it is not a Alice in Wonderland retelling. It’s completely original and incorporates enough weird creepiness to keep me extremely engaged.

While I enjoyed this book, I original The Hazelwood more. I like the original story line better but even with that I give the book ★★★★☆. I think Albert has this evil genius type mind and I am here for it. Her writing is fabulous and her ability to take classic fairy tales, twist and morph them into something sinister and dark is really what draws me into this series.

I hope you enjoyed my thoughts on The Night Country. If you liked this review please let me know either by commenting below or by visiting my instagram @speakingof_books.  Huge thanks to Flatiron Books for my advanced copy of the book.  

About the Author

Melissa Albert is the founding editor of the Barnes & Noble Teen Blog and the managing editor of She has written for McSweeney’s, Time Out Chicago, MTV, and more. Melissa is from Illinois and lives in Brooklyn. THE HAZEL WOOD series is her first two novels.

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