Christmas Gift Giving Guide 2018

We are in Christmas countdown mode and you officially have 24 (25 if you’re shopping today) shopping days left! While Christmas is so much more than gifts, if you are like me and gifts are apart of your love language, then making sure you have the perfect gifts for the women in your life is a priority. If you are having a hard time deciding on what to get that young working professional women in your life, look no further than my here.

I’ve compiled some of the things I know are on my wish list this year and are sure to be a big hit. Click the photos to see my favorite options and to make getting her a great gift even quicker.

For the working Professional

She doesn’t need pens or fancy notebooks. But she could use some help keeping her caffeine warm with an Ember Temperature Control Ceramic Mug I personally haven’t tired this one out, but I have a few co-workers who rave about this mug.


One of my most badass co-worker and bestie is in love with these Bluetooth keyboard that can be used for with a phone, tablet, or computer! 71RAaXpd8AL._SL1500_

Help her to unwind with a bathtub caddy, add in some Epson salt or bath bombs and you have the perfect relaxing gift.


A new essential oil diffuser will help her get the restful sleep she needs to concur another day. And don’t forget to grab some essential oils for her while you’re at it.61zaYzX9+ZL._SX522_.jpg

A new laptop purse or a new backpack from Lo & Sons are both fashionable and functional. The Hanover backpack is what I use for work, and it’s perfect for daily use and for travel. The Seville Tote is also on my wish list *hint people in my family hint*. They both have a back panel to slip the bag onto your luggage, which is a lifesaver when I’m running through the airport.

Help her keep it classy with basically anything from Kendra Scott but especially some basics like these earning/necklace combos. Pro tip: sign up for their e-newsletter and get 15% off your first purchase.

These little books have tons of really great short stories from successful women around the world. I keep these little guides in my house and regularly take them out when I need a little motivation. Oprah’s Little Books

For your fitness friend

Help her workout with some new booty bands!


And we know she drinks enough coffee and tea but does she drink enough water? This smart water bottle will help her remember to get in her H2O. My sister has been dying to have one of these, maybe she’ll get one this year…..

smart-water-bottle-market.jpgA mini weight set. I have one of these in my living room and find myself using them way more often than I originally intended. Especially during a super stressful movie.


For your Chef friend

There are a ton of great new cookbooks that hit shelves this year. Both Joanna Gaines, and Chrissy Teigen put out new books this year. Past the celebrity cookbooks though, I’ve pulled a few other cooking essential items, I know she’ll love.

Chrissy Teigen’s Cravings: Hungry for More chrissy-teigen-webJoanna Gaines’ Magnolia Table: A Collection of Recipes for Gathering


Thug Kitchen: The Official Cookbook: Eat Like You Give a F*ck

thug_kitchenYou may not think an egg cooker is necessary and you would be wrong. I can cook more than cereal and I still love my egg cooker.


For your white elephant party

What is more fun than a drinking game? You won’t the break, it’s a gift that will actually be used, and everybody will love it! Shot Tic Tac Toesquare-1451335212-tic-tac-toe-shot-glasses.jpgEven just a packet of Cards Against Humanity won’t go unused.


Pick up one of these scratch off posters, options include 100 movies, 100 books, 100 places, 100 things to do, and 100 cocktails to try!


Still don’t know what to get her?  Surprise her with a subscription to Book of the Month club. She’ll get to pick a book a month. It will be as if she’s celebrating Christmas all year. Use my referral code here and get a free book! Or even better get her a subscription to Vinebox to help refine her palette and taste new wines every quarter.

And if you are still not sure what to get her just give her cash. I’m serious. Don’t give her gift cards because you think it’s more thoughtful and personable. If she is a hardworking young professional chances are she has some student loans or is saving up for a big purchase (ie a new car, a wedding, a trip or even a down payment on a home). She’ll love you for helping her get ahead and she definitely will not feel bad about using your gift!

Happy Shopping Y’all!

Disclaimer: None of the items listed above are sponsored in any way. They’re simply items I’ve found to be great gifts, things I love, and somethings that are on my wish list! However, there may be some affiliated links. I may receive some commission for any purchases made through my links. This will not impact you as a consumer though.

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