March 2023 BOTM Predictions

Narrowing down my picks this month was HARD! March is such a big month for publishing and there are so many good books coming out that choosing 2-3 books for each genre was not an easy task, but I did my best! I’ve read only 1 of my predictions so far but have copies of most of the others. I’m entirely backlogged on ARCs lately, as I’ve been consumed with reading the Will Trent Series and The Crescent City series. Karin Slaughter and Sarah J. Maas are two of my favorite authors, so I’m not upset that they’re taking over my life but also, I’m dying to jump into some of these other ARCs.

Every month, Book of the Month tries to offer up a diverse selection of books for subscribers. There is usually always one thriller/mystery pick, one romance/women’s literature pick, most months have a non-fiction or historical fiction choice, one contemporary/literary fiction pick, and one random pick, with YA or a second in any of these categories. Early releases are quite common, so I’ve taken a look at my April Most Anticipated List as well to draw up these predictions.

Personally, I prefer newer or lesser-known authors to be a part of the main five picks but this month, most of my predictions seem to be from established authors.

Whether or not these are actually picks, only time will tell. Even if they are not all or most of these are on my March Most Anticipated New Releases list, which you can see HERE! When the picks are announced and you find you have space in your box still, make sure to also check out my most recent version of BOTM Add-On recommendations HERE!

Spring Most ANticipated List
March Most Anticipated List
BOTM ADD-on guide

Keep in mind that these are simply predictions and books I hope get chosen. I could get these completely wrong but the anticipated and guessing is part of the fun right?!


Mystery and Thriller

I’ve been feeling uninspired by the Mystery and thriller picks lately. To keep things interesting I threw in a horror pick and some long shots.

Both Sarah Penner and Alex North are previous BOTM authors, so I wouldn’t be surpsied to see The London Seance Society as a main pick. I threw this into the mystery category but it’s really a mix of mystery, historical fiction, and I think has a fantasy aspect to it as well. It’d be a good pick a mixed genre book.

Since The Angel Maker comes out on the last day of February, I still think this could be an add-on. Though it’s a bit darker than North’s previous books, so it might be too much in the horror genre to be picks.

The Angel Maker Review

I have copies of both The Donut Legion and How I’ll Kill You. I haven’t finished either yet, but The Donut Legion is a true mystery, while How I’ll Kill You is more a traditional BOTM mystery and thriller mix.

Lastly, I just really want to read Lone Women. Victor LaValle is true horror writer, but this one seems to mix Mystery, Historical Fiction (American West), and Horror into one. I’ve noticed a few horror options being picked lately, so maybe we’ll get lucky with this one.



Only two picks for romance this month! The Neighbor Favor is another book that comes out the last day of February, and was a cute read. I could definitely see it fitting in as a BOTM pick. Jane & Edward is a Jane Eyre retelling. It’s been years since I’ve read Jane Eyre but this sounds like a fabulous retelling.

The Neighbor Favor Review

Historical Fiction

I’m a bit over WWII books, but I have to attempt, Beyond That, the Sea sounds lovely! On the other hand The Flames, is immersed within the Art world of Vienna. I’m so intrigued by the premise of this one sounds amazing. It does dive into the Spanish Influenza Pandemic and WWI, but I would love for this to be a pick!

I also included The Queen of Dirt Island again for March, since I really do think it would be a great BOTM pick and it also releases the last day of February.


Literary and Contemporary Fiction

I could not narrow my Literary and Contemporary Fiction so here are a ton of options I’d be happy with! I think Hello Beautiful, Pineapple Street, and Community are my top picks.


Fantasy and Science Fiction

Both of my picks for this category fall more under science fiction and sound fascinating! I have a copy of both and hoping to get to them soon!


I hope you found a book that you are truly excited about in this post. Let me know which other new releases you are excited for this month or that you’re hoping are BOTM picks, by commenting below or by messaging me on Instagram @speakingof.books. Don’t forget to follow me to get weekly updates and new reviews!

Happy Reading!

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