The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue


Addie LaRue is immortal. She’s seen decades turn into centuries. Been the muse for countless artists. Been through wars and times of peace. But what does 300 years of life mean, if nobody remembers you? When Addie stumbles upon Henry she’s captivated by him, not because of who he is, but more because he remembered…remembered her.

Spanning 300 years, this is a tragically beautiful love story. During those years Addie transforms and even though she knows no one will remember her, she finds ways to leave her mark on the world. This story jumps between Addie’s past and present and the use of imagery Schwab uses to jump back and forth was extremely unique and woven in perfectly. I loved Schwab’s use of art, artists, and thoughts within the story. But my favorite quote of the book reminds readers that life is never as long as we want it to be, which I took to mean that we should always live our lives to the fullest.

That time always ends a second before you’re ready. That life is the minutes you want minus one.”  

I did really enjoy this story, but I felt it was a tad long. It took me longer to finish this than it normally takes me to read a 400+ page book, and I think that’s because it never full captivated my attention. I generally feel this way about Schwab’s books, and I think it’s because being more of a plot based reader, more lyrical and atmospheric epics tend to not hold my attention quite as well.

Addie’s love story with life itself just filled me with a whole spectrum of emotions and even though it wasn’t a 5 star read for me, it was definitely worth the hype. If you’re looking for something wonderfully writing, and lyrical or a fan of A River Enchanted, you will love this story.


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