November 2021 Book of the Month

Two months left in the year and Book of the Month is putting out a ton of books for November. November is the unofficially non-fiction month of the year. Maybe Non-fiction November is official, I’m not sure, but it is the month I tend to focus on reading more than just 1 non-fiction book. Even though none of our main picks fell into the non-fiction category, with 4 non-fiction add-on BOTM did deliver this month.

Originally, there were 14 choices between add-ons and main picks this month. BUT looking back at the site currently, two of the add-ons have been moved back from the top of the ‘New and recent add-ons’ section, so you’ll need to go searching for those.

Out of the picks, only 1 showed up on my November BOTM Predictions, so I was quite surprised by this month’s option. I already have copies of The Keeper of Night, A Little Hope, and Win Me Something, so it took me longer than usual to pick my boxes this month. I have a review up for The Keeper of the Night already HERE, and I’ll have reviews for the other two up this weekend!

Check out this Month’s picks below and see what I put in my box below. Nothing catch you eye this month? Make sure to check out my November Most Anticipated and my updated BOTM Add-on Guide for more great reads!


November Book of the Month Picks


My Picks

Even though there were so many options this month, I didn’t see much I wanted to grab. Of the five main picks, I already have a copy of The Keeper of the Night and A Little Hope. While I liked both of the books neither is something I would read again or felt the need for a physical copy.

The Keeper of night Review

I had two credits on both of my accounts, so even though I was on the fence about this month’s main picks, I already had two add-ons (one for each box) already lined up. Which of course meant I needed to pick two of this month’s main picks. Since I already had The Family on my TBR, I decided to add it as the main pick for my first box. Anyways, I’m a sucker for a best friend story. Throw in a historical fiction story tangled up with the mafia and this was actually a pretty easy decision. To top off my first box I threw in Silverview which was a mid-October add-on.

For my second box, since I need a break from romances at the moment, I went ahead and added our token thriller The Collective. I enjoyed The Chain which is what it’s being compared to, so we’ll see what happens. I also opted in for Still Life, since it has some pretty great reviews from readers so far.

As far as the rest of the add-ons go. I already have a copy of Win Me Something and am currently reading it. I should have a review for it coming soon. I’m not entirely sure why My Dark Vanessa and It Ends With Us were added this month. They’re both great reads but they are older releases and can be bought on Kindle for $4.99. I don’t remember them being BOTM picks in the past, but maybe they are restocks.

For the Non-fiction picks, I know I didn’t pick any of them but none of these were on my TBR to read. I’m also iffy on memoir’s as a whole so I’d like to see more reviews for Will, My Body, and The Choice, before I pick them up. I also never really watched Anthony Bourdain so I feel this one might be lost on me, though maybe I’ll pick it up eventually.

That’s what’s in my box this month! Did we pick any of the same books this month? Let me know in the comments below or over on my Instagram HERE.

Happy Reading



For those who haven’t heard of Book of the Month club or BOTM, it is a subscription program, similar to audible or other box subscription services, where you get (you guessed it) a new book every month. Each month members are given 5 different books to choose from.  BOTM generally focusing on debut and emerging writers, and is known for having helped launch the careers of some of the most acclaimed authors in American literary history. In an attempt to read more books outside my favorite genres without having to siphon through all the duds, I decided to sign up for the monthly subscriptions. It costs me $14.99 per month, I choose 1 of the 5 books on the first of every month,  and it’s delivered straight to my door. You can skip any month or roll your credits over to the next month, at any time. Since I started getting BOTM in 2018, I’ve really enjoyed some of the new authors I’ve been exposed to. If you’re interested in joining BOTM, I’ve added my referral code to the bottom of this post, which if you use, you’ll be able to get a discount on your first month (book)!

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