In the Company of Witches


Do you love Halloween reads but don’t want anything scary?? Well, In the Company of Witches is for you! This is the absolute perfect cozy Halloween mystery that gave me a mix of Practical Magic & Hallmark’s The Good Witch vibes.

The Warren Witches have been in their New England town of Evenfall for hundreds of years, not everyone in town is a fan of theirs, particular not when unexplainable occurrence happen. Brynn Warren, the youngest Warren, has had a tough run of things since her husband died more than a year ago; and things just got whole lot tougher since a guest of her family’s B&B was murdered under the families very nose. It’s up to Brynn to figure out what happened using her gifts. Only problem is, she hasn’t used her powers in over a year, and magic doesn’t like being ignored.

I absolutely adored this story, and I am so excited that it’s set to be a series. I’m iffy on the whole ‘Cozy Mystery’ genre. Sometimes they’re a little too cute for my task, but this was the perfect blend and had a wonderfully thought out plot. Filled with great characters and with the perfect fall setting. Also, if you know me, I love a good magic system that is flushed out, logical, but also unique. This book delivered that to me, which gives it high marks in my book. Magic systems don’t always have to be super complex, like some I read in my high fantasy books, sometimes the simpler systems are best and that’s exactly what Wallace gives us.

If you’ve already binged watched you’re feel good Halloween movies (like me) than this will be the perfect addition to your reading list.


In the Company of Witches comes is out now. Huge thank you to Berkley Publishing for my advanced copy in exchange for my honest review. If you liked this review please let me know either by commenting below or by visiting my Instagram @speakingof_books.


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