After All I’ve Done


Read. This. Book.

The End, that’s my review!

Okay maybe not, but still if you were a fan of Verity or Girl on a Train, than After All I’ve Done is for you!

I read this book back in the summer, when I needed a solid thriller to get out of a reading slump, and boy did it work! I’ve been anxiously waiting to share this book with the world and I can finally do just that!

Diana Sparrow is recovering from an accident. An accident that she can’t remember and has caused her to not remember anything leading up to or after the accident. She’s finally recovering but her life is nothing like she remembers. Her best friend is sleeping with her husband. She’s taken up art again. And she can’t help but feel connected to a man she’s never met.

I love a good multiple POV story line and this book delivered. Told between present and flashbacks and between both Val & Diana’s view points, we learn alot about both women’s history. We also have a third narrator, but I won’t spoil who that is.

None of our main characters are exactly likable which really adds to the unreliable narrator vibe. Because of this I never felt like I had a good grip on the story, which is exactly what I look for in a good psychological thriller. My only negative for the story was the ending wrapped up way to quickly for my taste but ultimately didn’t impact my rating on the story, since I was just blown away.

I don’t want to spoil the story so I’ll leave it at that. I loved this story so much ★★★★★ big freaking stars for this book! This book hits shelves November 10, 2020. You can get your copy HERE!

I hope you enjoyed my thoughts on After All I’ve Done If you liked this review please let me know either by commenting below or by visiting my instagram @speakingof_books. Huge thank you to Crooked Lane books for my copy!


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